Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Build - Day 8 - July 19, 2011 - Part II

A couple of hours makes a big difference. Even with what the National Weather Center has now confirmed as a 1000yr storm we managed, with only a 3hr delay, to have all the water out by 1pm, have the foam again resting on the foundation and the walls have been realigned. Also, all of the holes for the inside/outside connections (think spigots, gas lines, vent openings, etc...) are in and the cement trucks have arrived.

A little after 1.20pm the concrete started pouring so we will NEVER have those 'interesting' floating walls again. At 3:30pm all was done and we now have solid concrete from the footers all the way up the walls. Tomorrow the main item is the highly interesting ... curing of the concrete... ;-)

Maybe the masons make it tomorrow for stacking the porch walls but otherwise tomorrow will be a nice low-key day. Thursday the frenzy will continue again.

1pm view, all the water is gone... Yes!
Our Charis Homes GC (General Contractor) found some mud... Hard to miss today ;-)
Good shot of who much water was pumped out.
The main goal of today is still being accomplished... pouring the concrete!
3 cement trucks waiting, I passed the 4th on the way home... Gonna be a solid house!!
Concrete is in... 4 trucks full...
Rebar in on top for the next floor, pins in on the inside to hold the floor I-joists and  the floor supports on the outside for the garage floor and porches.

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