Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Logix Insulated Concrete Form

It's been a pretty exciting first day of digging the foundation of our new house. Between Niels worked from home today, so D and I checked things out in the morning, then we all had lunch there, and Niels went back in the afternoon while D was napping, and after dinner, we'll all head back again. We're just a little happy to finally be started!

The digging all finished today, and tomorrow the footings will go in. Niels also found out today from our builder that instead of the ARXX ICF forms, we'll be installing the Logix ICF forms, which will give us a R-value of 27 instead of 22 (see previous post). We're pretty happy about that, too.

The ICF blocks will be going up on Friday, and that'll be the real fun show to watch because it's so different than traditional wood construction. Charis does a lot of ranch style and 1 1/2 story homes, but full two story ICF homes are not as common. We expect that many of our neighbors will be peeking at our house as of Friday.

For those of you not in our neck of the woods, here's a quick look at how our house will come together:

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