Monday, July 25, 2011

Build - Day 14 - July 25, 2011

Today the basement walls were back-filled, the window casings for the main level constructed and in the afternoon the crew leveled out the lot. Tomorrow they will continue stacking the main level ICF blocks.

Very interesting to now be able to see the graded lot. It instantly shows the grade of the driveway which is a lot more level than I first thought. In the back it also starts to show what the height of the back porch will be.

One other thing we got to do today was to walk around in the fully closed-in basement and on the sub floor for the main level. It really starts to become more-and-more of a reality now. A couple of years of planning is all coming to fruition in literally only a couple of days. It sure makes the drive home interesting to see what they did that day.

Back-fill in progress. No one allowed on the lot due to safety reasons. Love telephoto lenses...
Action shot of the 'digger' as D likes to call 'm.
Graded garage.
Graded backyard.
Supplies on the main level sub floor for stacking more ICF blocks in the morning.
Window casings for the main and second floor. 
Good view of the graded front yard with the driveway shape. 
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