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One Monthly Goal :: February 2019

It's that time again...time to come up with my One Monthly Goal to share over at Elm Street Quilts. This is my third year of participating in the monthly challenge and as a result, I have finished quite a few projects that I may have neglected otherwise.

Speaking of neglect, I am kicking myself for not being able to share my January finish with the other challengers. I'm actually not sure what happened. I wrote up my post, and waited for my regular email confirming the link up was posted, and went to Elm Street Quilts, but just missed it somehow. I'm chalking that up to my rough brain month. Moving on...

I suspect that part of the reason my brain has been struggling lately is that this past year has been stressful with BIG.LIFE.DECISIONS. Two huge decisions that have been made recently are:

1) My mom has finally agreed to move in with us. This was a huge decision on her part, 4 years in the making. She loves living in Arizona so she will miss the hot desert, but living with us will give her the freedom to travel, to check up items on her bucket list, to be more involved in her grandson's life, and of course, help me when my brain injury is kicking my backside. We are going to bring her up next month!

2) We decided on D's next school. He has been going to the same tuition-free, STEM-focused, project-based, multi-age school since preschool and this spring he will move on to middle school. It has taken over a year of looking at our options and I'm relieved to have made the decision to send him to an all-day gifted school. He loved his shadow day and we are optimistic that he is going to have friends and learn lots.

That second decision leads to my goal for February. With only four months left at his school, I have three more quilts to make for the amazing staff who have loved our D and helped him thrive and grow over the last six years.

My February goal is to make a quilt for his music teacher, Mrs. Miller.

I haven't started it yet, but I have found inspiration in two places.

My original thought was this log cabin grand piano, which, best I can tell, is called Log Cabin Piano by Sylvia Zobell. 

But then I saw this one posted by Deborah Lord Mosley in the Facebook group Quilters Show and Tell.

We have a special school song that I'd love to include with the quilt so I'm really drawn to how she included sheet music on the piano. The square blocks would certainly be easier and quicker, so that's a plus when I have a deadline coming up!

Check back and the end of the month to see what I decide!

You'll be able to find pictures of this quilt on Instagram at #MillerMusicQuilt. To see what I'm currently working on, including my 2019 Brain Injury quilt, follow me at deJongDreamHouse.

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  1. Awesome quilt top! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project!


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