Monday, January 8, 2018

One Monthly Goal :: January 2018 Update

It's a new year and I'm already behind. Sigh. I'm writing this post on January 8, one day after the link up for Elm Street Quilt's January OMG closed. But I'm posting it anyway, now, because I'm still going to work on it. 

My brain injury has been giving me grief lately. I've been dealing with blurry vision and vertigo for the last few months, which has made my regular headaches worse. The culprit seems to be that my saccadic dysmetria has gotten a lot worse. This video explains it better. 

Long story short, my medical team is adjusting my meds, as well as my contact prescription. We'll get there, but the adjustment is kicking my backside. 

Excuses aside, my goal for this month is to finish my Project Linus mystery quilt, Exploring the world with Ethan. The top was completed as part of the quilt along, but now it's time to get it quilted and bound. 

This was my first year doing the mystery. The annual fundraiser for Project Linus consists of two part. The first part is the quilt along. In order to receive the weekly clues, quilters give a $15 donation to Project Linus. Once all the quilts are complete, the second phase of the fundraiser is a contest where the public can vote for their favorites. 

From the Project Linus website:

From all entries received by the deadline, anyone can vote for their favorite quilt(s) from a link on our website, and voters may vote more than one time. Each vote is $1 with a minimum of 10 votes ($10) per instance. Voting begins on 12:01a CT on Saturday, February 3, 2018 and ends at 11:59p CT on Friday, February 16, 2018. All funds collected through the voting process are also considered a tax deductible donation to Project Linus and will go to National Headquarters to benefit all chapters.

So, I am motivated for a great cause, even if I posted my goal late!

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  1. What a gorgeous quilt! You should be very proud. I can relate to meds adjustments, UGH. Good luck. Some other site posted a story about your own craft room and put it on Pinterest. But the Pinterest link went to THEIR site, so they were stealing off your blog post, which I find so offensive. The website it linked to was Here is the link to the story they created off of your great blog post. I clicked on the report link to Pinterest but I’d follow up if I were you. They’d already gotten 14k pins from it!


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