Tuesday, January 30, 2018

2018 Quilting Goals

I realize I'm a little late to the 2018 quilting goal-setting party. I've seen posts by several of my quilty friends, but my own goals have been so to percolate, so rather than sharing them as part of a link up with others more on the ball than me, I will simply share them here.

If I were to make a sweeping generalization of my 2017 quilting goals--though I never actually made any formal goals--it would be that I aspired to be a more social quilter. And I did that quite well. From my very first mystery quilt, Bonnie Hunter's En Provence, to my Lovely Bee swarm, joining several block of the months, to entering my first contest, I was a very busy girl!

One downside of participating in all those block of the month projects is that is that now I have several quilts ready to be finished. And I'm hesitant to join too many other new things until I finish what I started.

So here I am at mid-January with a goal be a little less social. I'm not going to be completely anti-social, just less social. I enjoy making my own patterns. I enjoy having time to make something on the fly as I feel inspired. I want to make some quilts that have been on my to-do queue for a long time. I want to make more baby quilts and quilts for those who mean a lot to me and my family.

So, in no particular order, my goals for 2018 are to:

  • Finish 18 quilts. I made 22 last year, so this should be a problem. Especially if I finish some flimsies.
  • Of those 18, I'd like at least 12 to be quilts donated to my local quilt group.
  • Use my stash. Make more scrappy quilts to reduce my overflowing scrap bins.
  • Quilt through my favorite quilt books.
  • Write up one original pattern.
  • Piece and quilt the blocks received from my Lovely Bee swarm from 2017
  • Fully participate in my 2018 swarm. My month is December so I will not complete my quilt this year.
  • Make all 365 blocks as part of the 365 Block Challenge hosted by Kathryn Kerr.
  • Quilt Quilting Jet Girl's Wayward Transparency quilt.
  • Complete Blossom Heart Quilt's Milky Way Sampler
  • Complete Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen quilt.
  • Complete Bonnie Hunter's On Ringo Lake quilt. 
  • Complete the PEI MQG Mystery Quilt.
  • Complete Meadow Mist's Magnolia mystery quilt
  • Complete Sewhooked's Rainbow Cascade quilt.
  • Send out churn blocks to my swap group
  • Complete the 3 charity quilts pieced for my local quilting group (Good night Irene, Good morning Irene, Red)
  • Finish Jamie & Toben's wedding quilt.
  • Finish Niels' weighted blanket.
  • Finish University of Akron Quilt
QUILTS ONLY MENTALLY STARTED: (pardon my vagueness, I don't generally announce who is getting a quilt).
  • Amelia
  • Molly
  • CJ
  • Molly Apron
  • Landon
  • Phoenix
  • BELL
  • Color blocks (Red is included above. Same quick pattern in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, Gray, Brown, and Neutrals.
  • Labyrinth Walk
  • Contribute 70723 Blocks
  • Awesome Ocean
  • Little Amsterdam
  • Dutch Scraps
  • Rings of Kerry BOM
  • Dogs in Sweaters
  • Lisa Unicorn
  • American Soldier
  • Bright Birch Tree
  • Drunk Zebra
  • Bubbles
  • Storm at Sea
  • Dog Daze
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Master Bedroom 
  • Mike
  • Ashley
  • COWS
  • Thin Blue Line
  • Catan
  • Hemza
  • Dutch/US flag
  • Snowflake
  • Dutch Orange
  • Oops quilt using Quilt as you go. 
  • Molly Apron
  • Starry Night
  • Brutus
  • Violet Craft Elephant
As expected, I have many more quilts in my queue than I will be able to make this year. And I have many more quilts on another list, but I decided to cap this public list at quilts that I am actively working on or have at least designed/pulled fabric/prepped to begin. 

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