Saturday, July 7, 2018

One Monthly Goal :: June 2018 update

I haven't had a very productive summer of sewing. At the end of May, this happened.

I only had to wear it for a few weeks, but then this happened.

I took my Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2 to the shop. I just had it serviced in April, so I was a little bummed when the thread cutter jammed only a 6 weeks later. After two weeks in the shop, it was recommended that I bring it to another shop an hour away. I drove it out that day and got it back on June 30th. I got right to work on my One Monthly Goal, but didn't quite finish in time to be part of the finish link up on Elm Street Quilts

My goal was to make an accent pillow (or two) for our new day bed. 

I only finished one pillow in the few hours I had before the end of the month. I made it rectangle-shape with the idea of using it as a neck pillow. I'm going to use it a bit before deciding to make more or making squares.

I wanted to make the pillow easy to wash, so I made a pillowcase as well as a pillow. I could have bought a pillow form and made the pillowcase to fit it, but why do things the easy way? Plus, I have a ton of scraps that are perfect for stuffing pillows. 

I used muslin for the pillow. 

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