Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Quilt #99 :: Good Night Irene

I'm a little behind with sharing my quilts which is why I'm posting a picture of quilt in the snow when it's 90 degrees outside! Today's quilt is my version of Good Night Irene. It's been on my to do queue for awhile because my scrap bins are overflowing. 

I started out making both the blue blocks and the turquoise and gray pieces scrappy.

When I place the blocked on my design wall, I thought it looked a little busy so I put the turquoise and gray blocks in my Oops and Orphans pile.

I quilted with a big spiral. I was especially proud that I made this entire quilt out of stash. That may say something about the size of my stash...

This quilt was made for my local church ministry, Piecemakers. We make quilts for a variety of places, but this one went to one of my favorites, the kindergartners at a local school. 

It is unusual to see the recipient of donated quilts, but in this case, the school invites us to the school to meet the kiddos and watch them pick out their quilts. I can't show the face of the happy little girl who picked this quilt, but I can show this one. She was so sweet. She gave me a big hug and told me blue is her favorite color. I hope it continues to bring her joy in the years to come.

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