Thursday, August 23, 2018

2015 Trunk Show

Quilt #40 | Little Learners

We are so lucky to have found D's school. It is a little STEM-focused, project-based, multi-age community school where our son has thrived. I made this quilt as a way to show a tiny bit of the gratitude I feel for the incredible staff.

Quilt #41 | Guest Suite

The comforter in our guest room was looking a little sad as we prepared for our Dutch parents to visit. I looked for prints to match the wall and decor and came up with this quilt.

Quilt #42 & #43 | Jan & Kitty's Amish Caravan

When my in-laws visited, I planned to make them a quilt. Instead, my father-in-love asked if we could make quilts together for their caravan (travel trailer). He came up with the design and picked out the fabric...and did most of the work. I made the Amish silhouette and did the applique and binding.

Quilt #44 | Crazy Eights

I saw this pattern at a quilt show and wrote it down on my to do queue. When my blue scrap bin started overflowing, this was the quilt I made. (Unfortunately, it didn't seem to make a dent!)

Quilt #45 | Black, Red, & White

This quilt is the result of my first swap. A group of quilters I met from Sew It Forward exchanged blocks in red, white, and black. Each of us came up with our own design.

Quilt #46 | Baby June's Bricks

I made this quick quilt for a friend from D's school. She told me that her nursery colors were black, mint, and gold. I was intrigued by the palette and was inspired to make something for her.

Quilt #47 | Sibling Neighborhood

I don't live physically near any of my siblings. When my sister had her first child, I started thinking of a way for her baby to "see" us. This is what I made.

Quilt #48 | Love Burds

My youngest sister got married about six months before I started quilting. Once I got hooked on the hobby, I knew I wanted to make her and her new hubby a wedding quilt, and I knew it would be a play on their last name.

Quilt #49 | Ezra's Cars

A friend of mine was pregnant when I saw this quilt pattern. I whipped it up and (still) didn't make a dent in my blue scraps!

Quilt #50 | Remembering Curt

When I lived in Michigan, Curt and Lisa were one of my favorite couples. I loved the way Curt loved Lisa. When Curt died unexpectedly, much much too young, I overcame my fear of tee shirts to make this memory quilt for Lisa.

Quilt #51 | Aletha's Wallpaper

Aletha and I worked together in Michigan. She left the publishing world, first to plan amazeballs wedding, and now to restore Midcentury Modern Homes. I fell in love with the Orla Kiely wallpaper she used in her home. When she announced her pregnancy, I knew exactly what I would make.

Quilt #52 & #53 | Ohio State

For a hot minute I considered selling my quilts. I made these two quilts to sell, but then decided I liked giving my quilts away better, so they quickly found new homes with Buckeye fans.

Quilt  #54 | Words for Jonah

2015 was a fertile year for my friends! My friend Emily, mom of Jeffrey, had another little boy. I saw this pattern and was happy for the opportunity to make it.

Quilt #55 | Mrs. Moxley's Class

My son had a wonderful first grade teacher, with the most perfect name, Mrs. Moxley. I snuck into the classroom after the students drew self-portraits. I printed the pictures on fabric and made her a polaroid quilt with all of her little learners.

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