Thursday, August 30, 2018

Quilt #113 :: Cosmic Cross

Back in 2014, I made a quilt for our church quilt ministry that was donated to a local veteran. I called in Patriotic Explosion. It was my 38th quilt, and the first I made exclusively out of my own scraps.

Since then, I've wanted to make another one, but instead of the plus sign in the center, I wanted a cross. It would be a gift for our very special pastor. Mike is a former NASA scientist who made a mid-career change to become a pastor. 

The first time we visited the church, we had a trifecta of things that made us realize we were where we needed to be.  When we stopped at the visitor's table, we learned about the quilting ministry. During the service, a woman got up to talk about how the church supported her family after her husband's brain injury. Then, Niels and I both looked up the pastor's bio and learned about his NASA background. Our son has been obsessed with space since he was 3. He's now 9. We have prayed for science-y people who share our faith. We looked at each other and just smiled. 

We have been so touched by how Mike has made D feel special over the years by answering his questions and listening to his (sometimes) rambling thoughts on all things space and science. 

At times, Mike has given D small gifts: a NASA sticker, a space calendar, a science book. He definitely deserved a thank you quilt!

About two years ago, I had D find out Mike's favorite color, green. Shortly after, I selected prints for Mike's quilt. But as all quilters know, it's hard to find time to make all the quilts you want to make!

The hardest part was figuring how to set the lower blocks for the cross, but once that was done, the quilt came together quickly. 

My favorite part of the quilt is the label that D made for it. He wrote the words and drew the rocket on regular paper. I took a picture of it with my phone then printed it on fabric backed with freezer paper. 

I finished the quilt on Saturday and D, as always, slept with it to make sure it was filled with lots of love.

The light was so pretty when I took the photo at the top of the page. I finally remembered to take a picture of the back, too. 

 I'm glad we took pictures on Saturday night because the light didn't cooperate as well when we tried to get pictures in front of the church. I did laugh at the timing of the green car that passed us though!

D waited (mostly) patiently for his turn to talk with Mike. He was SO excited to give him the quilt. 

It's so fun to deliver quilts in person. 

If ever a picture captured D's enthusiasm for talking with Mike, this is it.

Thank you, Pastor Mike, for pouring love into our son, making him feel important and heard, and nurturing both his love of science and faith. We appreciate you so much!

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  1. What a fantastic quilt and a great testimony to a pastor who "ministers" on and off the pulpit!

  2. Love the spiral quilting and backing on this cross quilt! Thanks for linking to Finished or Not Friday!

  3. What a special quilt! I love how you have your son sleep with the quilts to fill them with love. That is so wonderful!

  4. What a wonderful gift! I love the cross in the middle! And you can see how excited D is to give it. How special for you and your family to have a minister who has really connected with you! And how generous of your time and talents to give back to him.

  5. As always, a lovely story for your quilt. This quilt is special, like the relationship between Pastor Mike and your son. How perfect this church is for you! You are blessed. Thanks for sharing this on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  6. What an awesome story and quilt, Jen! Great job. Sounds like a wonderful church and pastor! You are blessed and a blessing to be there!

  7. What a beautiful quilt, the cross in the center is wonderful!

  8. Did you write a pattern for this? I love it! And the colors choices are striking! I could probably figure it out....are the strips cut at 3 inches to finish 2 1/2?


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