Monday, August 6, 2018

Quilt #107: VV Improv

When I first started quilting 5 years ago, I had the idea that I would eventually make a quilt for everyone close to me, particularly everyone who helped me after my brain injury, when I had so little to give. Of course, inspiration doesn't always strike in a logical order, so I have been slooooooowwwwly been making my way through my original list in between other projects like comfort quilts, baby quilts, thank you quilts, etc.

One friend who has been near the top of my thank you list is my friend Jen VV. We became friends shortly after I moved to Michigan almost 20 years ago and quickly became one of my favorite people in the world. She is smart, gorgeous, intelligent, and generous. She also looks a lot like this:

Jen is also insanely good at what she does as a pelvic floor specialist. I knew I wanted to make something for her exam room to help put her patients at ease. I wanted something colorful and maybe a little cheeky. I spent months (years?) looking for inspiration.

I finally found it in this photo from Linda Nussbaum.

I found this image on her Flicker page, which led to a blog post from 2012 with the same photo, but not a lot of information. It looks like it was made a part of her quilting bee, and submitted for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Festival. I couldn't find out if it was accepted or not. She has a new blog, Surrounded by Scraps, as of 2012, but I can't find the quilt shown there. 

There was no pattern to the quilt listed on her site, but it was easy to figure out how each block was made. Fortunately, I have lots of strip scraps.

I used the same print for each of the centers.

I used a similar blue print on every other block.

I also used the blue print for the backing.

I was able to deliver Jen's quilt in person in February when we were in town for the celebration of Papa Steve's life. 

It's been six months since I gave Jen her quilt. I'm very behind on posting about my quilts. But today is Jen's birthday so I call my timing perfect!

I hope her patients enjoy the new view!

To see more pictures of the making of this quilt, check out #VVimprov on Instagram. To see what I'm currently working on, follow me on at deJongDreamHouse.

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  1. Very cheeky! I wonder how many patients get it? They are looking at a quilt that quietly celebrates their lady parts!

  2. Love your quilt! It's so cheerful and I'm wondering about your choice of center fabric ... cheeky?!?!? *wink*

  3. Lovely quilt! It is such a wonderful feeling to gift a quilt to a special friend. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. I like your quilt - very colorful and great way to use those scraps. micki @

  5. That quilt is FABULOUS! I love how you fussy cut the little nesting doll print so their faces are all centered in the strip. I'm sure Jen's patients are enjoying this quilt as much as she is!

  6. Your quilt turned out beautifully and was such a thoughtful gift!! I'm sure the patients will enjoy having something pretty to focus on while on the exam table.

  7. Such a fun quilt! I'm glad you were able to find the perfect inspiration for a special friend. It looks amazing hanging in her office!

  8. I love it! I loved it so much! If I was one of her patients, that quilt would definitely help to put me at ease. :)

  9. I love your scrappy strip quilt! What a great gift!

  10. What a beautiful quilt for your friend! I'm sure she'll love it. Yes, a bit cheeky... but also wonderful! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  11. That is such a fun quilt! I love how it starts with a diamond, but builds by strips - easy!

  12. That's a warm and appealing quilt. Thanks for the details of your inspiration. She really DOES look like that meme picture! LOL

  13. LOL. First thing I thought of when I saw that quilt. That's awesome!

  14. Love the story and the quilt! It's perfect for a pelvic floor specialist- so many happy, but unique, VGs.

  15. What a great quilt. So jolly and colourful, a bright centre piece for your friend's consulting room. Well done for an excellent finish.

  16. What a fun quilt. Love the color combinations.

  17. No one would be the wiser. It is a beautiful quilt with a quiet meaning. Love the colours and fabrics you were able to use. I do envy a scrappy quilter!


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