Saturday, July 7, 2012

Staycation Projects

A few months back, we made the decision that instead of going back to the Netherlands this summer--it's been 18 months since we've seen Niels' family--we needed to stay home and recover a bit financially from the building process.  Since Independence Day fell on a Wednesday this year, Niels was able to make it a five day weekend. Between the 100 degree heat and D picking up a viral infection, it was easy to decide to stay put and enjoy our cool, comfortable new home.

Since we finally had some time on our hands, we were able to get a few projects done (separate posts to follow). Here's the quick look at what we've been doing.
Master bedroom closet organization.
Installed photo shelf for "I Love You" board
D's book nook.
New table and chairs for D.
Art displayed above Marissa's bed.
Assembled new desk and chair for Marissa's room
Hung homemade bathroom art.
Made a bike rack out of a pallet.
Built 8 bookshelves, a desk, a door, and a shelving unit in Niels' office.
Made art for D's room.
Made art for the laundry room.
Plus, we spent a day driving to and from Ikea, and spent several hours sorting through papers and boxes. One more day to go. I think we will be taking it easy! Print this post


  1. You have been busy! You have a lovely home. I enjoyed taking a peek.

    1. Yes! Now we need a vacation from our staycation. Hopefully, I'll get all the tutorials up soon!


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