Sunday, July 15, 2012

Paint touch up in the in-law bathroom

 Today I completed a project that I've been wanting to get at for awhile. It has to do with our vanity, which has been a little bit of a problem child for us. Fortunately, our builder worked with us to make it right, and we got what we wanted, except for the way the pipes were finished...or not.

When we envisioned the vanity, we forgot that the back wall of the bathroom is an ICF wall, which means it's filled with rebar and concrete. No pipes are going to make it in there! So the pipes have to go down through the floor. It's not ideal, especially with the the under-sink area open, but I figured I could make them blend in a bit. As soon as I had a little time and energy. Today was the day.

First I used painter's tape to get a general idea of where I need to paint the gray (Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray) and what needed to be the white trim (Sherwin Williams Pure White). After I took this picture, I realized my line wasn't quite right. Painting is not my strong suit!

I took the opportunity to pour a little of each color into small glass jars that are much easier to grab for touch ups. 

While I waited for the first coat to dry, I thought about how I could hide the battery pack for the touch-activated faucet.

Now that the pipes weren't black anymore, I couldn't hide it there. 

My first thought was to use a magnet, until I realized that the magnet would probably mess with the battery. My next thought was velcro.

I took out one sheet of velcro.

I learned the hard way that you want to connect the two pieces before attaching them to a fixture.

Then I attached one side to the battery pack. 

Then I attached the whole thing to the back of the panel. It's hard to see, but there's about a 3" gap between the panel and the wall. I held it for a few seconds, and voila! Bye bye battery pack.

You can still see the pipes, but it's not quite the eye sore it was before. 

Here's the before and after:

I am so happy to be done with that vanity! Now to figure out what to do with the big empty wall across from it...

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