Wednesday, July 4, 2012

D's book nook

When we were still designing our house plan, we had a long space between our bedroom and D's bedroom. Originally, the designer drew it as a HUGE walk-in closet for our son. We couldn't imagine how D would ever need a closet that big, but weren't sure what to do. Til we saw this picture:
We figured our boy would much rather have an indoor tree house than an obscenely large closet, so we created a nook. Since D is only three, we knew he was a little young for the high fort, but since he loves books, it's perfect space for a book nook--or super secret hiding place, as he likes to call the space.

I found a few more ideas on Pinterest. This one uses the Ikea spice racks, like we used in D's bathroom.
Love the "Read" the ikea spice rack shelves and framed book art. Perfect for D's nook.
This one has shelves made our of rain gutters, which is really cool, but not the modern look we wanted.
Rain Gutter Bookshelves
We liked the way this one had the secret hideaway aspect, plus the Ikea photo shelves, which we knew we wanted to use.
Book Nook
For the last four months, since we've moved in, his nook has looked like this. I used an extra shower rod I had, and the extra yellow block-out curtain that we needed in our apartment. It's too long for the nook because I think the scale is off, and because it's too high for me to peek over to check on him!

Last month, we finally made it to Ikea to get the shelves. Oh Ikea, why must you be so far away!?!  Then yesterday, I had the idea to repurpose the shower curtain I accidentally shrunk when I washed it. It's a much more kid-friendly height now.

Form of: Super secret hiding place.

Getting started. We decided to go with five shelves.

D wanted to help. Note the level in his hand. He was saying that he'll be ten before he's as tall as the shelves. I think he'll make it by four.

First shelf up.

Second shelf up.

By this point, D really got the idea. Here he's saying, "Daddy! It's reading time!"

Helping Daddy hammer.

To distract him away from Daddy, I taught D how to use the clips on his project strip.

Hanging up the project strip.

Hanging up the letters. Not quite straight.

And done! 

The left side has a shelf for D's Dutch books and a shelf for his Bible books.

The back wall has transportation books.

The other side has one shelf for global books and D's project clip.

The reading area has an Ikea Lack table, a cute chair D was gifted, and a Target lamp that I personalized with foam stickers.

Close up of the lamp. 

I bought the foam letters at Hobby Lobby.

I bought the project strip at TJ Maxx a few months ago and personalized it with cardboard letters.

We're so happy with how it turned out. We think he'll get several good years out of it...til he starts asking about the tree house!

Updated: You can now get a full tour of his room.

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  1. What a cute, great idea for the space! Came out wonderful and I love how he helped!! =)
    Visiting from CSI.

  2. This is WAY AWESOME!!! :) I love it!
    visiting from The CSI Project!

  3. It's awesome! What a great space! I love that your son pitched in!


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