Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last day of staycation

Sigh...tomorrow Niels will return to work and our staycation will be over. But at least it was a productive one. Here's what we did today.
We put the shelves in, and started to fill them up.
We were too tired to start putting books up. And we learned that we need a few more shelves. Guess we'll be headed back to Ikea eventually.
We installed my cook book shelves (2 long Ribba photo shelves) and dust buster.  I also have my appliance shelf all pretty and organized.
More Ribba shelves for the contribution charts.
We hung a cool wire frame that I'm using for project lists and photos. 
We hung the rack for our central vac hose in the mudroom closet.
We also hung the hose in the garage.
We found and put up a clock in D and Marissa's bathroom.
We put up a mirror in D and Marissa's bathroom. 
We hung up the photo shelf in the powder room to hold our verjaardagkalendar (Dutch birthday calender).
 And lastly...
We hung up the key hook for guests in our foyer.
We made one last run to Target for the next round of projects, but for now, we will enjoy the process we made and relax for a few days. Print this post

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  1. Well done. The sort of jobs that make you feel glad. They look great too.


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