Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glitter Mirror Tutorial

We had a little space above the sink in our laundry room that needed a little something. I had the idea of doing some sort of art with clothes pins. I found a round mirror at Hobby Lobby and was inspired. (I actually prefer rectangular mirrors, but thought the corners would be too trick for this project). 

Helpful tip: it's much cheaper to buy clothes pins from the laundry section of Target than in any of the craft stores. I bought 100 pins for the price of maybe 25 in the craft stores. 

The first idea was to simply attach clothes pins around the mirror. I like the natural wood with the natural maple of our laundry room, but it still seemed unfinished. 

Tip #2. The advantage of getting a mirror with a little chip in it, is that you can remember your starting point, which may come in handy later.

I've been intrigued with the idea of washi tape, but it hasn't seemed to find its way to my regular shops. I did find this glitter tape at JoAnn's. I misjudged the width of the tape, but didn't want to drive back to see if they had a smaller size. 

I just put the tape over the clothes pin and let it be.

Works for me!

Then I started attaching the pins again, alternating between glitter pins and natural pins.

Helpful tip #3. Put the mirror on a small bowl to make attaching pins much easier. (I wished I thought of it sooner!).

Close up of the finished pins. 

I flipped the mirror and placed a small bowl in the middle of it to space the pins in a nice neat circle.

I used krazy glue to attach a picture hanger hook. (Not sure if that's the actual name).

Once it dried--and I finished my other project--Niels helped me put it up... 

 ...and took this artsy shot.

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