Monday, July 9, 2012

Goodnight art

My son and I have a night time tradition. Since daddy puts him to bed, he usually says goodnight to me downstairs. For the last year or so, we've said "A huggle. A kiss. And an I love you." Huggle is a word he made up to mean snuggle hug. 

I've seen lots of typography art with phrases and lyrics like this for children's rooms:
You are my sunshine....
I thought it would be fun to personalize our tradition into art for D's room. I knew I wanted to use yellow because that's D's favorite color. I used some leftover paint from the yellow in his bathroom and closet (Sherwin Williams Solaria) on canvas.

I really like this yellow because it's cheerful but not overpowering. 

I thought I was done...

...Til I held it up to the light and saw all the bare spots!

Once, the paint died, I used sticky letters and eyeballed they placement on the canvas. 

Once I was happy with the placement, I removed the protective paper and stuck the letters on the canvas.

I used a straight edge to make sure the letters were straight. 

I also used the straight edge for spacing the lines.

All done!

I finished it just in time for bedtime. 

D checks out his new art. "I know those words!"

After I was done, I remembered that my original idea was to put a photo of D on the background. It's a little plain, but I like the simplicity. The next plan to get another canvas and do a Dutch version as well.

***updated 7/15/12***
I picked up another canvas at Hobby Lobby so I could make the Dutch side of D's art. I ran into two problems. First, the letters for "Ik hou van you" (Dutch for "I love you") were too big for the canvas. Second, I ran out of "U's"

I solved the first issue by buying some slightly smaller letters for "I love you" in both languages. This is also added a little extra color. I found a piece of black foam with a sticker side, so I traced a "U." My cutting skills also need some work.

Fortunately, the black letters came right off.

And the red letters were easy to put on:

And done...sort of. It still looked a little plain to me. 

I found some star foam stickers. D helped me put them on.

Tonight we got the finished art on D's bedroom wall.  

  The view from D's bed. 

We're getting very close to being able to do a full reveal of our D's room!

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