Friday, April 20, 2012

House Tour

This post will be a bit of a work in progress as we continue to unpack and make our house a home. Funny story: for most of the build, I (Jen) have been taking the daily progress photos. I'm blessed enough to stay home with our son, so daily (or twice daily) trips to the new house were a big par to how we spent each day. When the house was finally complete, Niels spent the day with D at the house to be on hand for the final inspections and blower door test. I was in our apartment, packing like a mad woman. In between inspections and playing trains with D, Niels forgot to take photos of our completed house. Oops. The next day the house was full of boxes and we missed our window. It seems to be a family tradition of our house to forget one big thing in our projects. We forgot to hire a videographer for our wedding, which will be one of my the greatest regrets of my life because my brain injury has robbed me of making long term memories. My only "memories" of my own wedding are the actual photos we have. I have no "moving picture memories" of the day. Sigh.

So, we're moving ahead with the next best thing. Photos of the room as they are completed. Of course, we fully expect each room to change and transition over the years, but for now, I have a goal of having each room, at some point--perhaps not all at the same time, but at some point--looking "staged." I have staged my last two homes and received kind compliments that I did a better than average job. Where "staged" before has meant, "anyone would feel at home in this room," now it means, "we feel at home in this room." I look forward to making our house a home that feels like us. It's a big project, but there's no deadline and I've got nothing but time.

Here's how the house looks today:

Exterior: In need of a little landscaping...

First Floor:
Mudroom Laundry
Mudroom Posts:

In-Law Suite
In-Law Suite Bath (the drawers are being re-done)
Guest Suite Posts:

Command Center
Command Center Posts:
Organizing the command center

Kitchen Posts: 

Pantry Posts:
My Perfect Pantry ***Note: this is by far our most popular post, thanks to a photo of my old pantry blowing up on Pinterest***

Dinette Posts:
DIY Dinette Decor
Foyer and front door.
Close up of our bench. 
Foyer and hallway
Foyer Posts:

Powder Room
Powder room vanity
Powder Room Posts:
Powder room progress

Office (we are grateful for the french doors!)
Great Room
Second Floor: 

Guest Room
Guest Room Posts:
Linen Closet
D's Room
D's Room Posts:
Family Bathroom
Family Bathroom Posts:
Potty time book shelf (04.03.12)
Toddler robe rack (02.24.12)
Bathroom Art Update (04.09.13)
Chair Rail Photo Gallery (03.01.13)
Finished Family Bathroom Tour (07.10.12)
Bathroom Art (07.02.12)
Thrift Store Dry Erase Art (04.24.12)
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom Posts
Master bathroom
Master Bathroom Posts
Bathroom drawer organization  (04.11.12)
Motivation marbles (04.10.12)
Giving the scale what for (04.05.12)
Repurposing a crib as a magazine rack (05.10.12)
I Love You dry erase board (04.25.12)
Organizing our master bedroom closet (07.03.12)

The garage and basement are stilled filled with boxes, so they don't even get before photos yet! 

Thanks for taking a tour of our new home!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's a very good feeling to finally be living in the house we've been dreaming of and planning for the last five years. Now we're never moving again!

  2. What a beautiful h.ome, and I'm LOVING the command center! With three busy kids and both of us working, it's so easy to lose track of all of the little details. What a dreamy idea!

    We moved in to our dream home about a year and a half ago, and I'm with you - never moving again. Ever. And I'm soooo happy about that. :-).

  3. GORGEOUS!!!!!! I'm loving the home, just beautiful! Thanks for linking up.

  4. How exciting! I remember the continual trips to see the progress when we built our house 5 years ago. That's part of the fun. Congratulations. You're home is beautiful.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  5. Hi, I love your house! I just found your blog in search of the twilight strands tile. We are in the process of building our forever home. It is fun but stressful! We are getting near the finish line and I can't wait to be moved in!

    1. We loved the Emser Strands line. You can also look at the Daltile Fabrique line. They are VERY similar. In fact, the base colors are all the same, the only difference we noticed was that in the olive (which we have) the Daltile had one extra color in the Strands. Both are throughbody. To save money, we ended up using the Olympia Tile Monocuttura Reeds collection in Taupe, which is a glazed porcelain tile (the color doesn't go all through the tile). It saved us A LOT of money. Since we never had a problem with chipping in our old house, we decided to risk it. We also saved a lot of money by going with the 12x12 instead of the 12x24 we originally wanted. We had it put down in an offset, which we liked better than the straight set. I'm off to check your blog now!

  6. We are currently in the process of remodeling our home. I came across your blog as I was searching for ideas and fell in love with your siding. What brand and color is it??

  7. Thanks! We really like it, too! It's called Granite Gray by Certainteed Vinyl Siding, in Clapboard style (not Dutchlap).

  8. Jen! You home is just beautiful!

  9. Hi, Jen!

    Thank you for the help and inspiration your blog provided as we embarked on the insanity, excitement and aggravation of building our first house. :-) I'm sorry this is the first I've managed to explore your house tour with something approaching thoroughness and to leave a comment. As I mentioned in my reply to your comment on my blog, your Glossary of Building Terms, which had to be daunting to put together, was invaluable to us.

    I love your house! You're right, our styles are somewhat different but I do like your taste, love that you gave such thought to your home's environmental friendliness/sustainability, and see lots of areas where our tastes are identical.

    I LOVE the colors you chose - so pretty and soothing! Really serene. I came this close to using a soft, neutral grey in several rooms, but it never ended up matching our other finish choices. Love it, though! And the color in your master bedroom is so similar to the one in ours!

    Love all that glass in your dining area, the arched doorways, the built-in bench (and "please remove your shoes" stencil - I need one of those!), your big linen closet and pantry (I'm jealous!), and your mud room (jealous again!) :-)

    And your kitchen is magnificent! So big and airy and obviously very well thought out. I see that you too like cooking on gas, and your quartz countertops are just beautiful! (Aren't they great?) My husband really wanted one of those big, European range hoods, but as with several things on our wish list, he'll have to wait till the next house. :-)

    I share your appreciation for the French doors to our study, and am ├╝ber-impressed with your command center!

    Knowing what it's like to go through this process, and how much planning and thought went into your home, I'm very impressed. And that you kept blogging through it all too - awesome. :-)

    I hope your home brings you many years of joy! Thank you for sharing with it! I'll be back to check out more details - lots of links yet to explore!

  10. Absolutely beautiful home! I need to do one of these types of pages for my own blog. Thank you for the inspiration and I can't wait to watch how you personalize it.


    1. Thank you! I need to update it now to show everything we've done in our first year. Thanks for the reminder! (I've opened your blog so I can look at it when I'm back from the gym!)

  11. What a beautiful home! Hopping over from UBP13. Cant wait to see what else you do!

    Courtney @ Simply Selman

  12. That is, indeed, a wonderful house. I'm so glad you have your dream house. I hope you dreamed up a cleaning service, too. =)


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