Thursday, February 21, 2013

Printable Gallery Wall

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the newest gallery in progress. Today is the big reveal! 

We had a big wall in our son's bedroom that looked a little sad and disjointed. When we first moved in, we put the mirror above his dresser. A few months later I made the good night art and we quickly hung them up so they would be easy for him to see from his bed. 

I've been waiting for inspiration to strike. It came one day when I noticed how our little word-obsessed guy was reading every sign and note around us. I thought I could take advantage of his eagerness to read by making a gallery wall with some of the great printables with scriptures and words of wisdom I've pinned on Pinterest. I love the idea of him pondering these thoughts as he dozes off.

When I last left off--why is it that gallery walls always turn into long, drawn-out projects?!--I had printed off the printables I wanted. (Click here for my printable pinterest board). 

I knew I wanted to use the bright Nyttja frames. Since our nearest Ikea is two hours away, I had to wait a bit until we could take a road trip. I really like these frames in kids areas because they have plastic instead of glass.

Once everything was framed , we took the printables, the mirror, and the good night art to our room where we had space to determine our layout. (To the right you can see another project in process, the cardboard stacked letters.)

Once we thought we had a final layout (we ended up flipping the top and bottom rows), Niels drew out the measurements. 

First we centered the dresser and mirror.  

Next, we added the good night art. And wondered why we didn't do this in the first place.  

Once again, we used command strips. We used large strips, but medium would have been better. 

I think to command strips hold the frames more securely than hooks. Important for a boy's room, where said boy has learned to climb on his dresser. 

I kind of eyeballed the placement so it's not perfect. Niels was manning the camera and the only photo he took of this part of the process was a nice close up of my backside. We'll just keep that to ourselves.

Side view. I think I did pretty well with lining up the frames.  

The gallery matches the frames we already put up on D's armoire.

The six frames on top were all found online. You can find the corresponding links below the photo.

The bottom five prints were created by me. I wrote about them in my previous post, but I've included the non-photo ones here for your convenience. You can right click to save these for personal use. 

Here are a few other printables I considered:

Now we have everything from Pink Puppy Paper Company
Responsible via ZeroDean
Pinned Image
I prayed for this child from Enduring Arts
Be Strong by Clingspiration
So, for those keeping track at home, this is gallery number eight. (Number nine is currently laid on our kitchen island, number ten is sketched out, and number eleven is still in the photo-gathering stage). I really do have an addiction. I blame Pinterest.

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  1. I love IKEA as well and it is a drive for us, too. We always have to create a list and go a few times a year. Great store! I like what you did with your gallery wall. Well done!
    Thanks so much for linking up at my link party.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Ikea is such a dangerous store. I'm already working on a list for the next trip!

  2. I love this -- and I think you did a GREAT job lining up the frames! I usually measure and mark the wall and then end up frustrated and just slapping them up on the wall and hoping I'm the only one who notices they are crooked!

    We are only about an hour from IKEA, but it gets too expensive to go very often... since you can't buy just the one thing you go for... but we are going this weekend and I am adding some of these frames to my list for our still-bare playroom. Thanks for sharing all the great printables you found/used!

  3. I forgot to mention that I stopped by from the Pinterest Challenge party at I'm Topsy Turvy :) It's just always nice to know where people are coming from, right?

  4. Thank you! With all the galleries we've been putting up, I'm getting lots of practice! I hope you come back and post a link to your playroom. I'd love to see!


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