Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Personalized Art Display

Note: About a year ago, I started a different blog that I had totally forgotten about! The idea behind it was to be a place to write about Pinterest-inspired projects. Now that we are in our new house, this blog is a better home for these posts, so I will be moving the few posts I made over here. This first one is a nice preview for the tour of son's room, which we finished this weekend. As a bonus, you get to see some photos of the little apartment we stayed in between selling our old house and moving into the dream house.

Several months ago, I was browsing TJ Maxx and I saw a kids art display that looked a lot like this.

I thought it was really cute, and I love the idea of having a flexible way to display our son's art projects. wasn't really our style. I know the rustic/distressed/weathered look is popular right now, but it's just not us. So  I didn't buy it. I figured it would be easy enough to make some day...once we get into our new house and start collecting tools. 

Then, a few weeks ago, I saw this one at Marshalls. (Note: I apologize for not taking a better before photo.)

Keep in mind, my son LOVES trains. I realized it was better than anything I could make myself, and the blue is a great match for his new room.

Best of all, the train had six cars (including the engine) and Daniel just happens to be six letters long. Easiest. project. ever. All I had to do was add the chip board letters I already had.

He LOVED it!

We didn't have a lot of room in that apartment, but we made it work: 

If you want another option, check out what I Heart Organizing did with upcycled cabinet doors.

Click here for step by step directions. It's really cool!

Now that we are moved in, D's display is in his book nook:

You can take a full tour of D's book nook here.

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  1. Looks really cute and your son looks so happy with his new sign!
    Thanks so much for linking up at my link party.


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