Friday, April 20, 2012

Mudroom door message board

Last week, I added a magnetic cafe rod to the steel door between our garage and mudroom as an easy place to store sunglasses and keys. And happily, I haven't had to search around for them even once!

I started to think about what other magnetic opportunities the door might hold. I thought about a mirror, but we have one installed on the mudroom cabinet door. Then, my husband inadvertently provided inspiration. By forgetting his lunch on the mudroom bench.

We needed a message board on the door!

I was trying to think how to put a message board on the door. I already learned that dry erase marker on the door does not  work. Trust me. 

I was at Big Lots today when I found these three magnetic dry erase boards for $4 each. At first I thought it meant just that the board itself was magnetic and dry erase, which it was, but, it also came with magnets to use on metal surfaces. Sweet!

To keep things straight, we color coordinate. Niels' color is blue. Mine is purple. D's is yellow. Big Lots had purple and blue, but no yellow, so D has to settle for silver.

Once I removed the packaging, the boards were very easy to assemble. There was a small bag with magnets (clearly marked) and stickies. 

I pulled all eight pieces apart.

Attached the stickies to the four corners of the board.

Then I removed the paper from the top side of each sticky:

And attached the marked side of the magnets to the sticky.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

When all three were done, I stuck them up on the mudroom door.

The magnets are nice for remembering papers and checks and lists.

I'm not sure what we'll use D's board for at this point. He's only three, so this is always a good reminder.

I was left with these nice little baggies, which I'm sure I can put to good use.

So far, D is very impressed with his board. He just started to read (he's a rock star reader...but has yet to master drinking out of a cup), so he wants to put a word of the day. Niels think he'll still forget his lunch on occasion. Good thing he's cute!

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