Sunday, April 14, 2013

Master Bedroom Reveal

Yesterday morning I took a bunch of photos of our bedroom. We have a housekeeper who comes every other week to clean the bathrooms, kitchen, and floors. (Yes, I am capable of cleaning my own house, but living with a brain injury means I have less energy each day. It is worth it to us to use my limited energy enjoying time with my family, cooking, exercising, and doing fun projects that also keep my brain sharp-ish rather than cleaning). That said, Kim was here on Friday, and on Saturday morning, our room was so pretty, I decided it was time to post the reveal.

Part of the reason I procrastinated about posting this reveal is that in the 5.5 years we've been married, we've never had a headboard so our room only looked  nearly finished. We've been looking off and on for the last, um, 5.5 years for one, but we didn't really want to spend hundreds of dollars for a headboard, even though that seems to be the going rate for a king size padded leather one.

So, yesterday, I was out running some errands and low and behold, I found this beauty for a song.

There's a teeny tiny scratch that you won't see because I won't point it out to you. But it was cause for the store to practically give it away! (I suspect the staff had a contest to see who could unload it that day!)

So, after re-taking the photos, I am ready for the reveal! Welcome to our master bedroom.

The color is Sherwin Williams Sensuous Gray. It's a nice soft grayish-plum. It's very serene. Just what we wanted in our bedroom.

You may notice that our bedroom is smaller that most in a home our size. We didn't want a or sitting area or owner's retreat. Our whole house is our retreat! 


After living with the teeny tiny nightstands we used when we staged our old house, we went big with these Ikea Hopen chests. We bought the curtains at Target. It's hard to see, but the stick lamp is from Target, as well. Maybe at some point we'll get larger ones, but for now these are just fine.

Behind each of our nightstands, Niels attached power strips to the wall. One little tweak we would make is to have our outlets installed under the windows instead of on the back wall between the windows. With the power strips we don't have to search for our plugs. My hubby is brilliant. 

We had lots of ideas for above our bed, but I'm so happy we landed on this 11x14 framed photos from our wedding day. I found the frames at one of my favorite discount shops for less than $20. 

Our marriage motto is "No Returns. No exchanges." I bought this vinyl from Uppercase Living, but as soon as I figure out how to use my Silhouette Cameo, I can start making things like this on my own!

Our Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls give us nice deep window sills. They can make hanging curtains a challenge, but mini-tension rods work well. 

The bathroom is nearly done, so we'll save that reveal for another day. On the other side of the bathroom door is the "We Do" gallery

On the wall next to the We Do gallery, we put up some Ribba shelves to hold our wedding album and scrapbooks. 

Our big Valentine's Date this year was putting together the Expedit shelf from Ikea. We opted for a bookshelf rather than dresser because our closet is plenty big, and we love our books! Styling it is an ongoing process, but this is what it looks like today. The items on top still need to be hung up, but until we figure out our final design, they are fine to sit on top. 

I LOVE this watercolor that my super talented friend Dave did for us of our late great Bailey dog. (Check out his Etsy shop for more of his work. In addition to custom pet portraits, he also does wonderful landscapes that you can see on his blog).

As you may have guessed if you've been following us for awhile, we like art that is personal to us. We knew we wanted a map of some sort, so when I saw this custom heart map in Breeding Fancy's Etsy Shop, I knew we found what we wanted. She let us choose the colors and specify our hometowns. Love it!

The tulips were held by the youngest attendant at our wedding, our goddaughter. (She was living in China at the time, so we kept the flowers for her). The heart was just a fun project I did with D one day. It serves as a place holder until I find something I love to go in the other silver frame like the one Bailey is in.

I made a few printables for the frames within the bookshelf. This first one was inspired by Craftiments, who was kind enough to provide the background for free on her site.

I designed the other two, which you can save to your computer by right-clicking and saving to your computer. 

This cute little suitcase was the card holder at our wedding.

And these We Do letters were on the cake table of our wedding. I love that we are still using our wedding decor almost six years later. 

Thanks for touring our room!

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  1. Wow! Your bedroom is gorgeous. We still don't have a bed-frame or headboard for our bed...and seeing yours has me swooning a bit. Might be time to give Mark that nudge to build us the frame and headboard he has been talking about.... Also, the gray plum on your walls is simply gorgeous. Once we are home-owners, I'm definitely going to put some gray paint on our walls! And you have a knack for wall art and photo galleries. I just love seeing your arrangements and displays.... What a beautiful space!

  2. Thank you!

    It must be so nice to have a hubby that can build stuff. Niels is good at many, many things, but we haven't gotten a knack for wood work...yet.

    1. Wow! I love your choice of colors and your gallery walls. We still do not have a headboard!! I've been thinking about making my own but I'm not very skilled with tools! I'm going to have a keep an eye out. You stumbled upon a great find:) You did a beautiful job on your room!

    2. I love scouting places like Tuesday Morning, Goodwill and other thrift shops for bargains like this!

  3. Great work! It looks like a beautiful room that you'll really enjoy! Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday!

  4. Wow! I love your colors and your gallery walls! We still do not have a headboard! I've been toying with the idea of making one but I'm not that handy! I will have to keep an eye out when I am out and about You stumbled upon a great find:) Your room turned out beautiful!

  5. Love your bedroom, especially your gallery wall! So cool!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

    1. Thank you! We sure love having all our favorite memories together to create us each morning.

  6. Wow, you did a great job! Love the gallery wall ;) Thanks for linking this one up too to Give Me The Goods Monday!!
    Jamie @

    1. Thank you! The gallery wall is one of my favorite things!


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