Monday, April 15, 2013

Quilt Along

As you  may have noticed from recent posts, I have developed a bit of a quilting addiction. I just finished quilt #3 a few days ago and will post about it soon. So far, I've been muddling through and improvising as I go along, but quilt #4 will be done with other quilters, as part of a quilt-along hosted by Becoming Martha and Create.Craft.Love. 

This quilt-along is open to anyone with an interest, if not ability, to sew. There are a couple of people who have never made a quilt before, and a few experienced quilters who the rest of us are looking forward to learning from. 

This is the quilt we are all making:
Source: All People Quilt
I'm making the quilt for our niece, Lindsey, who is turning three this month. (Although she will have to wait until we are in the Netherlands to snuggle up with it. Her mom tells me she loves all things pink, Hello Kitty, and animals. Here's a peek at the fabrics I'll be using for her quilt.

And here's a peek at what it will look like when it's done. Someday, I'll write a post about how I use PowerPoint to create templates.

I'll be doing a post for each step of the process. Best of all, It's not too late to join us! You can read about quilt-along announcement, and then read about where we are now: gathering supplies. (Make sure to send an email to Jill or Sarah to get an invite to the Facebook book where we're sharing photos, asking questions, and cheering each other on). 

Who's in?

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