Monday, August 15, 2011

Clean thoughts about laundry

Here is the laundry "room" in our current house:

It's really just a large closet in the hallway on our first floor. It works pretty well there. I have the 10ish-year-old washer and dryer I brought into the marriage, a rack with linen baskets for cleaning supplies and an Ikea rack for hanging a trash bag, a bag to collect plastic bags, and a bag to collect newspaper and bread bags (which are great for when I make my own bread, or as travel diaper genies!). Our ironing board is upstairs in our closet. We don't need space to fold because we hang most everything.

In our new house, we'll have two laundry rooms. Originally, we were going to have one large one upstairs for family, and one in the in-law suite closet for guests. The more we thought about it though, the more we realized it would be more helpful to have the first floor one in the mudroom so we could use it kitchen linens and rags as well.

Originally we were going to have the upstairs washer and dryer side by side, and the downstairs set stacked for more compact space. Then we saw this layout at a design store in Grand Rapids:
We liked the way the stacked washer and dryer looked finished, like a frig. We liked the space, the shelves, the sink and especially this:
Looks like a drawer...

...But wait! What is THIS?

It's a built-in ironing board...for Niels, because I don't iron.

It's made by Rev-a-Shelf

We also really like this sink:
It has ridges on the side for scrubbing, and also a little indentation for the soap, so it's out of sight. 
Looking around online and off, I found a few more ideas:
Laundry basket storage. We only need four (each of us + linens), and I like how it makes it very easy for each person to be responsible for their laundry. D will not be leaving this house without knowing how to do laundry!
Baskets all the way up. I think I like the other way better, so you get counter space.

I like the labels on this one.
This one has drawers above the cubbies, which would work with the ironing board:
These laundry rooms have linen closets, which I think would be a great place to put our cleaning supplies for upstairs.

We like the shelf and drying bar on this one:

 Ikea also has drying racks, like this:

And this one has the Emser Strand Tile that we're using:

Taking all these ideas into consideration, I think this is what we're going to do upstairs:
Stacked washer/dryer on left, sitting on a small riser, next four cubbies for laundry baskets, with drawers, one of which includes the fold-out ironing board. Next, a sink, above which is a shelf and drying bar. We could certainly do away with the upper cabinet on the left if the bar goes to the w/d cabinet. Finally a linen/broom closet.
When we saw the space framed in for the first floor laundry, we realized that it was wide enough to accommodate a washer and dryer side-by-side, which is more ADA-friendly. I was still bummed about losing my broom closet, til I saw this gem on Pinterest:
Open doors reveal a side by side washer and dryer with broom closet and supply shelves in the door. GENIUS!
Same laundry, doors closed. 
I sketched a bit and came up with this very similar version:
Supply door has towel bar (or hooks) for hanging wet or dirty linens. Added outlets for our dustbuster, and hung up a folding ironing board for guests.
A few fun, sort of functional decor ideas to finish the room off:

Clothes clip mirror

Fun way to match socks
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