Thursday, August 4, 2011

Build - Day 24 - August 4, 2011

Today we have reached another milestone. Yesterday the blog went over 5,000 page hits (still blown away by that...) but today we've reached the highest point on our house. Yes, the roof trusses are on. Both for the main roof line and for the garage.

Yesterday the dinette was 'topped', today it was the rest of the house. Tonight - after we received another kitchen quote - we took some cool night shots as well. Here's a sampling of it...

Early morning progress
Lots of these were consumed over the last three hot weeks... 
4pm progress, roofs are on...
Back of the house showing the roof lines.
Sky finally cooperated. 
Showing the tray ceiling in our bedroom.
Playing with the light on the 2nd floor.
The great room in a great light.

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