Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throw Back Thursday: Morning Checklist

***Between summer vacation and ongoing issues related to my brain injury and words not coming out very well, I'm going to be re-posting some time-appropriate posts as a way to keep my blog active-ish until my brain decides to turn back on!***

We are t-minus two weeks until our son starts kindergarten! We are starting to ease into his school routine, which means mama is trying to get organized!

Last year, D went to pre-K three days a week. I made this checklist to help him remember everything he needed. I used a space-theme as we are deep in the space age around here.

I used an Ikea Nyttja frame, which I love because they are colorful and cheap. They have plastic instead of glass, which is always a good idea with little ones. He uses a dry erase marker to make his check marks. I used Command Strips to hang the frame. 

I updated the chart slightly for the new year. I took out the quilt & pillow because he won't have any more naps (sniff, sniff) and added a new chore--making his bed.

I've made this printable available as a free download at

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