Friday, August 28, 2015

Quilt #18: Da Bears Quilt

Confession: I am insanely behind in posting my finished quilts. Since I am currently working on quilt #50, and I have only posted pictures about 15 of them. So, I am going to try to catch up. The only way I can figure out how to do it (and still give myself time to actual quilt in the next decade!) is to do shorter posts on each.

Today I'm going to write about quilt #18: Da Bears quilt because one of my favorite quilter bloggers, Val's Quilting Studio is hosting a link up of sports quilts and it made me realize that I've never posted this one! (Here you go, Val!) I made this quilt for my nephew who is a Bears fan. His daddy, my brother, is rightfully a Viking fan. He married a Packers fan. To keep the peace, my nephew opted for the Bears. Because I am a wonderful auntie and I love my nephew so, I made him a Bears quilt.

I didn't have pattern in mind when I bought the Bears fabric. The pattern doesn't work well with triangles so I needed to come up with one that used only squares and rectangles pieces. I actually played around with several blocks before I came up with one that worked.

For the back I used brown minky and white applique to mimic a football. 

I learn something new (or a few somethings new) with every quilt I make. With this quilt--which I finished in February of 2014!--it was my first time using masking tape to make quilting lines. I use this trick all the time now!

Most importantly, my lovely assistant infused lots of love into the quilt. 

I had enough fabric left over to make a pillowcase. 

Finally, a nice triptych of the front, back, and label. 

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  1. Ingenious idea for the back!!!! Great sports pattern too as it highlight the team fabric well. SO glad you archived this one uder our Sports theme at TUesday Archives as I think I'll want to make a football backing too!! SMILES!!!


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