Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Little Great Room Gallery

We're continuing to make progress on our galley. Living with a brain injury means that I don't remember my life well. My memories are whatever photographs I have taken. Having photos of my favorite moments is a way for me to remember the happiest days of my life. I'm just now realizing how important it is to me to have all these pictures up around me. I am surrounded by reminders of how blessed I am.

Last night Niels got home late, so I had just a little project for us to do.

First we hung up this Family Rules canvas. I found it at Marshalls last winter and I've been waiting for our house to be built so we could hang it up! I've seen similar ones at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and even Walmart just today. I also found a framed version online.
The 8x10 frames were a little tricky to put up because the hooks kept slipping over. Niels won the battle, though.

This print was free (!) from eighteen25. There are several colors to choose from, but the green, purple, gray was perfect for us.

I made this key date art myself on PowerPoint. The font is Segoe UI Light. I added the heart to the background and printed on scrapbook paper that I then trimmed to 8x10. 

Originally, I was going to have on 8x10 on top and one on the bottom, but I think with thick frame, it looks better having both heavy frames on the bottom.

The 5x7 frames posed a little problem because the built in stands stuck out too much. They did come with the frame holders, though. Niels was having the worst time trying to hammer in the tiny nails til we came up with the idea to just super glue them.

We used to toothpaste trick to mark where we needed to put the screw. We put a tab of toothpaste on the hanger and lightly touched the frame to the wall. Then we put the screw in where the toothpaste was applied. Easy peasy.

For the frame on the left, I chose a photo of Niels and I from 2010. I was enjoying a period of good health and was at my lowest adult weight.

The second photo is picture of our son and sweet Bailey dog, the day before she died. She was never a fan of small kids. She ignored D for most of his life, and he was too young to bother her much. They were just starting to be friends when she got sick. She was so cold as her body was shutting down. Just before his photo was taken, D (age 2) got his coat and put it over her. She's looking at him like, "You're okay, kid." I love this picture because it was one of their few "moments."

This morning, I cleaned up the console table. Those two green baskets hold some of D's books...or any other random things I need to clean up in a hurry!

My little designer decided that this frame needed to be downstairs, not in his room. I think I'll get another one of these train frames from Big Lots. I have another great picture of D on the tracks that will fit well.

From the corner of the great room, you can see both the new gallery and the anniversary frames we put up a few days ago.

Updated, you can see more of our photo galleries here:

I still have a few more galleries to do, but here's a quick look at the galleries we've completed so far.

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