Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gallery Goals

My name is Jen and I am a gallery-aholic.

With two weeks until our exchange student arrives and adjust to be a mom to both a pre-schooler AND a high schooler, I'm on a mission to get (most of) our gallery walls completed.

Up until now, I've been waiting for new family photos to be done. Niels arranged for us to have them done by Andrew Glenn Photography and we are so pleased with how they turned out. This photo will be blown up to 24" x 36" and hung above our fireplace.

The frame (which I found at Goodwill for $9!) fits inside the grid:

The next priority was our anniversary wall, which I went up this week.

Last night, Niels and I put up the little gallery under the stairs (post to come):

I really like how these two galleries look together.

The gallery we're currently working on is the big great room gallery. So far, we've decided on a layout:

The big job for this one is deciding on photos. The four 8x10s in the center will have our parents' wedding photos, a photo of us from the recent shoot, and a photo of D from the shoot. The theme will be favorite photos.

The next galleries after that are the "guest gallery" in the in-law suite and the "family" gallery along our upstairs hallway.

The guest gallery will have photos of everyone who has stayed in our guest suite...so far! We have some vinyl art to put on the wall as well, that reads, "Good company is always welcome. I think we will use Ikea Ribba shelves for this gallery.

The family gallery right outside D's door will feature photos of all our family around the world.

Still in the brainstorming stage are the following galleries.

The foyer hallway will have photos from our build, and maybe a big blueprint.

We'll have an inspiration gallery in the in-law bathroom. There's a big blank wall there to allow for wheelchair accessibility so we need flat decor there.

In Niels' office, we'll display large black and white photos.

In our bedroom, we'll have 2 large photos and our marriage motto (no returns, no exchanges) in vinyl. I'm also considering a "our story" gallery using Ribba photo shelves.

After our next Ikea run, I'll finish D's book nook with cute blue and red framed photos of family members.

The idea is to have frames like this for all the grands, aunts, uncles, and cousins, plus a big family photo above his name.

Lastly--I think!--is a good clean fun gallery along the big blank wall in the laundry room.

I found a vinyl I like--I really NEED a Silhouette!--and will include photos like this one:

I don't think I'll be done in three weeks!

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