Friday, August 10, 2012

travel train box

Like many three-year-olds, our son is obsessed, dare I say, addicted, to trains. He actually gets a bit cranky if he doesn't get a hour or so of train time every day. We have a few trips coming up, and I know it will be best of everyone involved in a few of his trains and tracks come along for the ride. So, good mommy that I am, I made a travel train box. 

I got the idea when I saw this sliding wooden box from my days in the music business. 


Since D's favorite color is yellow, I picked up this can of yellow spray point.

I untied the rope handle because I would certainly get it full of paint.

Next I taped paper around the edge so the inside would stay natural.

It's definitely a bright, cheerful yellow. It took two coats. (I didn't use any primer).

I decided to use this blue chalkboard paint for the lid.

The logos were embossed so it took three coats to cover them.

Progress after the paint dried.

I used masking tape to tighten the frayed ends so I could reattach the handle.

Making sure the lid still works. (Whew! It did!).

Testing out the chalkboard. This was my first time using it!

I remembered these fun star stickers from another project (to be posted later) and thought they would be a fun addition.

The next morning, I showed the project to D. Think he liked it?

I found another little box and made a second box for D's cars.

From this:

Add a little paint:

And get this: 

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  1. So cute and practical, when he is into something else you can just erase and rename
    Thanks for linking up at I freakin did it Friday, I hope to see you back this week

  2. Jen! Thanks for opening my eyes to the wide world of colored chalkboard paint. This travel train box is awesome and a great addition to my round-up of 20 DIY Chalkboard Projects. Also, SUCH a treat to get to guest post here today with my Chalkboard Labels project. Thanks for having me!

    The Thinking Closet

  3. I think I need some of these! My boys are always leaving their trains and cars all over my van because they take them in and then forget! Love how you used the chalkboard too! Thanks for linking up at Get Your DIY On! Hope to see you back with your thrifty Halloween projects on Sunday at 7 pm EST! Enjoy your weekend!

    ~Abby =)


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