Monday, April 9, 2012

Project of the Day: Potty Time Book Shelf

Niels and I enjoyed the holiday weekend by ticking off a few more items on the overwhelmingly long to do list. Sunday we worked on Daniel's room (pix to come) and this little project that I thought of earlier in the week. 

The last time we were at Ikea, which was a woefully long time ago, I picked up a Bekvam spice rack. I had a few ideas for how to use it, none of which had to do with my spices. 
The winning idea was to use it as a little bookshelf next to his potty. He has mastered the potty (HALLELUIA!!), but sometimes he likes to take his time. And almost always, he asks me to read him a book while he takes care of business. So, I thought a small rack with his favorite books would be a good idea.

D's rooms (bedroom and bath) use Sherwin Williams Solaria (yellow) and Scanda (blue). Since the walls of his bathroom are Solaria, I thought it would be fun to bring in a little more blue. I decided to use a bit of the leftover paint. That might not have been the best idea because our house was painted using flat paint, which was not the best choice for the wood. 

The first thing I did was gather my supplies: the Bekvam shelf, the paint, all the sanding sheets I could find and a few brushes. I should mention that I know nothing about painting.
I scratched a bit with the sander, then decided it was good enough. It really wasn't. I don't know anything about sanding either. (If you know me in real life, this is a desperate cry for help. I want to learn).

I poured the last of the Scanda into a plastic container and got to work.

It's not pretty, but it's done.

Next, I waited a few days to ask Niels to help me finish. He's European, so he thinks in Ikea. I actually figured out how to put this together, but he's much faster and better than me.

Funny, after almost two years of prepping to sell, staging, selling your home, building a new home and living in an apartment, it suddenly feels odd to put up personal items. I had to remind myself that it doesn't matter if D doesn't want this forever. We aren't going anywhere. 

Measuring twice.

D became very interested in our project at this point. He's saying, "Good job, Daddy!"

It's hard to see, but the screws are in.

And the shelf is up! The potty/shower part of the bathroom is pretty yellow. The only blue was the shower curtain, garbage bin, toilet brush holder, and D's robe, so this evens it out a little bit.

D picked out his favorite potty time books.

And done!

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  1. Very cute :-) I am visiting you via Tuesday Treasures. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I'm new to the Linky parties, so it's been fun to learn about all the fabulous blogs out there, like yours.


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