Friday, April 6, 2012

Dominion Gas Bill: March

For those of you bored with my project and organization posts, here's a fun one about the energy efficiency of our new house. We just received our bill for March, the first full month we've been in the house, heating it (not that it was needed much with such a mild winter), and using all the appliances.

First, the breakdown. I'm not sure why we are charged from both Dominion and Vectron, but they both chip in and ask for money.

Basic Monthly Charge - $20.37
Usage Based Charges - $1.67
(1.3 MCF @ $1.3000)
Gross Receipts Tax - $1.02
Total Dominion Charges: $23.08

Standard Choice Offer (SCO)
Gas Cost 1.3 MCF @ $3.446 - $4.48
Sales Tax - $.29
Total Vectron Charges: $4.77

Total Bill: $27.85

Yep, living the dream. Print this post

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  1. That is INCREDIBLE!!!!! So excited to see small energy bills someday soon!


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