Saturday, January 14, 2012

Primed for Painting

We drove down to the house today so Niels could see the paint progress. There were a few people visiting with Todd, our GC, so it was fun to show them around and answer questions and explain why we've done what we have. Joe's cabinets were a big hit!

In the last two days, a lot of staining and clear coating got done.

The foyer niche bench:

Close up with the beautiful grain
Big pictures view
 Stair Hand Rail and Kitchen Trim:

In-Law Suite Vanity:

Pantry Door:

Mudroom Locker Shelves and Tub Surround Panels:

Stair Rail:

All that's left for staining is the mudroom lockers and in-law vanity drawers, which are currently at the carpenter's shop. Hopefully, they'll arrive on Monday to be done.

My mom reminded me that the most time-consuming part of painting is the prep work. So for the first few days, the crew did a lot of caulking, hole filling, smoothing, and taping. Then, they moved on to the trim. We went with Sherwin Williams Pure White for our trim. It's a nice bright white.

Pure white snow and Pure white sill.
Nice deep ICF sill under a nice warm Low-E window.
And now, the best part: COLOR! As part of our contract, we had an allowance for six Sherwin Colors, plus a trim color. In addition to the Pure White trim, we chose Oyster Bay (a grayish-green), Dovetail (a dark gray), Mindful Gray (a light gray), Sensuous Gray (a plumish gray), and for our son, Scanda (boyish blue) and Solaria (yellow). All of our paint is zero-VOC for clean, healthy air quality.

We ended the week on a high note, with the first room painted. Here's our son's Scanda blue bedroom with Solaria yellow closet. Our son just turned three. The nook to the right will be his super special secret hiding place, with a little help of a curtain and rod. When he's a bit older, we'll turn it into an indoor tree house, and when he's a lot older, it will be a desk area.

This is the view of his room from the closet looking out. 

By next weekend, most of the paint should be done, and possibly some of the porcelain tile and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). The flooring is ready for us at Northport Flooring America, but we want to make sure it isn't painted! Our appliances are also ready for us at MAS. Most of our fixtures have arrived, but we'll pick out the last choices this weekend. Joe Yoder will be back on the 19th (five days) to raise the command center desk a little bit and deliver the last of his trim work (the laundry cubbies, mudroom locker door, and baking center support).

We're at the point where everything is the last thing, so Todd has quite the dance card to arrange. He'll be working on a schedule soon. We're still hoping to be in by Valentine's Day. Our corporate housing apartment is pricey and we're getting antsy to be in our new home!
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