Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let there be light: installation edition

Today's visit to the house started off with a nice surprise:

The lights are going up! Jim, our electrician, started hanging pendants above the tiled areas so our crew can see what they are doing.

I LOVE these lights and am so happy we chose these over the other choice.

The chrome shades looks so nice with the gray walls. 

Niels' Dutch light, which hung in his Belgian apartment eight years ago, has been unpacked and finally put pack to use. It reminds me of robotic arms, but he loves it and it makes him happy. 

I forgot to take a picture of the powder room lights when I was in the house this morning, so I had to take this picture from the front walk. These were my bargain lights: $29 from Tuesday morning.

Jim also hung a bunch of these basic lights in our hallway (the smaller three lights), with larger four light versions in the mudroom, laundry room, and our closet.  

We were quite pleased to see how much light we have in our closet. We had originally planned to do a solatube, but this light is about a grand cheaper, and doesn't create a thermal break.

It was fun to see our bedroom fan go up. Not all of the light are working yet, but that will change soon.

Our stair lights always went up today. I'm excited to see what kind of light they gave since we made this decision without ever seeing any stair lights in real life.

Many of the rocker plates were put up today. It's amazing how much more finished they make the house look.

A few electrical hiccups today. 

First, in the in-law suite, we noticed that the electrical for the vanity was not quite centered. Jim and Todd were prepared to move the hook up (which would have required digging into the ICF wall), until we realized we could use the vanity we had bought for D's bathroom in the in-law room, and vice versa. No problem!

Second, the electrical for the master vanities was also a bit off. Jim was understandably frustrated, so we're going back through some old pictures to see if we can help find out what happened. These hook ups will need to be moved, but at least it's just drywall.

Third, we found out that our great room ceiling fan won't be coming in til the week of February 6th, which is hopefully the week we get our certificate of occupancy. A bit of nail biter for us because each day we're in the apartment is pricey, but hopefully it will okay. Of course, if we had been on the ball and ordered our lighting sooner, we wouldn't have been in this position. Sue, our designer, gave us a list of lights to buy (we opted to do this on our own to save some money), but we weren't on the ball as we should have been.

Other than that, we talked through the lighting and outlets for under our cabinets and my command center. Our outlets will be placed in a strip under the cabinet instead of flat against the wall to avoid breaking up the tile, and the under cabinet lights will be pucks, not strips because the cabinets are not very wide.
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