Monday, January 16, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like home! Painting continues

When I drove up to the house around noon today, I didn't see any cars and was bummed thinking the crew had the day off. I popped in anyway to check and was so happy to see that they have made create progress upstairs!

Fourth Bedroom, aka the Paris Room. 

This will likely be our TV room until the basement is finished. In our previous house, we had a China room with souvenirs from my trip to China, just before we got engaged. Since then, Paris has become a special place to us, since that is where Niels proposed to me. So now we have a place to put our Paris photos. 

The shade is Sherwin-Williams Dovetail (7018).
View from the door. 
View from the window. On my monitor, this looks more like the true color.
The Laundry Room:

This is Sherwin-Williams Oyster Bay (6206).

View from the door.
View from the window.

Contrast with natural maple cabinets. This is the closest to true color. 
D's Bath:

I saw this beacon of yellow from the stairs and knew that painting was getting done. It looks really bright in over the tub, but it's not this bright in real life. But even if it was, it's D's favorite color. I'm sure that will change at some point in the next fifteen years, and we'll do something different.

The color is Sherwin Williams Solaria (6688).
View from the door
View from the tub. This is a better representation. It looks a little bumblebee-ish with the espresso cabinents, but we have some cool bamboo flooring going in, so that, along with the granite should help it out.
D's Bedroom:

This was started last week, but now the second coat of blue (Scanda 6529). You can also get a peek into his Solaria yellow closet. Since D is three, we didn't limit him to our muted grays!

Master Bathroom:

I thought I understood that the master bedroom was next after D's room was started last week. Instead, it's the only room upstairs untouched (other than the hallway). However, the crew started on the master bath before taking their lunch break. This will be Dovetail, the same gray as the Paris room. The water closet, which you can see in the back, will be done in Sensuous Gray (7081), which is a grayish-plum, as will our master bedroom. The closet, which is off the left, will be Mindful Gray (7016), which is a lighter gray.

The upstairs should be finished this afternoon, and then the crew starts on the main level. So exciting!

I saw Todd driving by on my way out and we talked a bit about what's coming up. The painters should be done early next week. The flooring will start late this week. We are going to have appliances delivered into the great room next Wednesday. Joe is coming with the last of his trim pieces, and to raise the command center this Thursday. Over the weekend, Niels and I will move all the light fixtures to the rooms where they should be hung. This means our main goal for the week is to pick out the last couple ceiling fans! We're also ordering the in-law sink now that we know where we should have it delivered, and next week we'll meet with Todd to talk about what we have going where for those. So happy to see the end is near! Print this post

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