Saturday, January 21, 2012

Up next: flooring!

With the painting winding down, we're coming up on a really busy week. The floors are going in!

The cork floors arrived this past Thursday and I couldn't help but peek. I'm so excited for those soft, quiet floors! When I put them down against the newly painted kitchen floor, D immediately sat down and took off his shoes so he could stand on the planks. He had a huge smile on his face.

In fact, he thought they were so comfortable that he could take a nap on them:

So, so pretty.

Yesterday morning, Todd came over while we were talking to Joe about the command center, and we were able to talk a bit about the flooring. Since all of our non-carpet flooring have linear patterns, we wanted to make sure that we talked about which direction we wanted the flooring to go to minimize any visual issues for me.

For the porcelain tile, we knew we wanted the lines to be perpendicular to the entrances, and all facing the same way. (With this type of tile, often the tiles are set at opposite angles). We also wanted them off set, like subway tiles, not in squares so the grout line doesn't create a visual issue for me. Originally, we wanted 12"x24" tiles to reduce the amount of grout, but we couldn't justify the extra cost.
I wanted the lines of the cork planks to run the same way as the porcelain tiles, but unfortunately, we need them to go the opposite way to get the most support out of the floor joists. (This is why we pay Todd, our GC, the big bucks). Niels pointed out that our cork pattern actually had vertical and horizontal lines, and next the espresso, the less dominant lines actually come out, so it'll all be okay.

We luxury vinyl tile (LVT) for the laundry room and D's bath was easy. We wanted to use the lines of the bamboo to make the rooms look longer. 

Our house is going to look so different next weekend! Can't wait! Print this post

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