Thursday, September 1, 2011

Punch List Page

Like most naive first time home builders, Niels and I discussed everything detail we could think of before signing off on the "final" blueprint of our house. We really thought we couldn't have possibly missed anything. Lots of people said that you always want to reserve a buffer for unexpected costs that come up along the way. But Niels and I are bit more tedious than the next couple when it comes to planning, so we didn't think that would apply to us as much.


There's just some things you can't anticipate as you're looking at a one-dimensional floor plan. Some times things that look great on paper are not very pragmatic in real life. Often times, for me anyway, we don't have any idea of what a particular item costs until we're in the middle of installing it. Whenever people would talk about overages and upgrades, I never really knew where those numbers were coming from. I thought it would be helpful for me, and hopefully for anyone who reads this blog, to get a specific sense of what kinds of things come up during the process of building.

Disclaimer: typically, the term "punch list" refers to last minute items that need to/should be competed before occupancy. I'm taking creative license to use it for all the things that need to be tweaked, changed, added, subtracted, touched up, taken out, etc. throughout this process.

We've added a new Punch List tab so you can find our ongoing list. Print this post

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