Monday, July 11, 2016

de Jong Boys go to Space Camp: Day 5

Niels' observations of the day:

And then it was Sunday, the last day of camp and the great trek back up North. We got to sleep-in a little and some extra time to pack-up our suitcases before our last cafeteria meal. 

As it was the last day we had some evaluations to do and one last shot at the rides in the Rocket Park. I hadn't done the G-Force Accelerator yet and wanted to check it out. It's quite a ride I can tell you. You really feel the G's being tacked on. Very odd to barely be able to put our your arms as they were 4 times as heavy!! Oh, and don't lift your head of the head-rests... Just try it and you know why :-) 

Once back in 1G we walked over to Habitat (Hab) 2 for the team presentations from last night's projects. The kids got to present their space station designs while the adults got to present their mission patches. I thought ours rocked (literally, as it incorporated  Commander Chris Hadfield's cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff") as well as all of our names and 15 stars (once for each Team Orion member).

We had one last official item on the agenda... The graduation ceremony. We all got to come up front in the NatGeo theater of the Donaldson Center (the building that houses the horizontal Saturn V) and our team won the Spirit award!! Go Team Orion!!

And from the high of the spirit award to the low of the realization that camp was now officially over.

We hung around for the IMAX move 'Journey to Space' as it was cancelled yesterday to technically difficulties. Well worth it, cool movie! 

Jen and I figured D would want an official (aka expensive) blue jumpsuit as his souvenir, but I was happy to see that he was more than content with the 3 unofficial jumpsuits and the lab coat Jen made him. When he asked for the much less expensive snap circuit set, I was happy to oblige.

That left us with one thing left to do... the 625 miles to drive home, but not before a few more pictures from around camp.

We decided to drive home all in one go with only a dinner stop at Culver's (we HAVE to!) and in Nashville to complete our abruptly cancelled walk through the Opryland Hotel from Thursday before we made it home a little after 2am. Not bad after leaving Huntsville, AL at 4:30pm...

D's observations for the day:

What did I do: Got a really, really, really cool Snap Circuit Electronics kit, Graduate from Space Camp, I finished the e-book of 'The Martian'.

What was the best part of the day: Got a really, really, really cool Snap Circuit Electronics kit

My favorite picture to remember today is:

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