Tuesday, April 22, 2014


You may have noticed that we haven't been posting much lately. I'm still dealing with some health issues, and circumstances have resulted in our month looking like this:

The states in blue are the ones we will be driving through this month. Three trips. Fifteen days on the road. Thirty states visited (plus Ontario, Canada!)

Our first trip was to Washington, D.C. for our appointment with the Dutch embassy to renew our son's Dutch passport.  Unfortunately, due to Niels being a new dual citizen, there is another pile of paperwork that needs to completed first. So, we will be going to D.C. again soon. We did have gorgeous weather for site seeing though.

The next week we were in the Toronto area for a friend's surprise birthday party and to drop off one of my favorite quilts yet to a friend and her super adorable baby girl.

Now we are off on an epic road trip so that we can go to my gramma's funeral (in Arizona), Niels' work conference (in Nevada), and the benefit for my dad and stepmom to rebuild their house (in Minnesota). Of course, all three events take place in the same week!

But then, we will be home all summer!

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