Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year, New Projects

In the past few months, I've started visiting and participating in linky parties. It's a fun way to get new ideas and share the fun things you've done. Think of it as a mini-Pinterest. A common theme this week is a list of top blog posts for 2012. I've enjoyed reading other people's summaries so much I posted one here.

The OCD Lifestyle had a post about 13 new projects for 2013. I thought that was a good idea, especially since here at the de Jong Dream House, we are shifting gears from building our dream house to living in our dream house.

That said, here are our 13 projects for 2013. (Subject to change, of course)

  1. D’s Gallery. We've made great project on our gallery walls (there's another post to write). I want to do a fun one in D's book nook with photos of his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
  2. House Binder. We have a big tub of papers from the build. Someday, I'm going to sort through it and make binders with all our owners manuals, important receipts and warranties, and room-by-room product info. All three of these binders are started, but I got overwhelmed at the end so they need to be completed.  
  3. Re-label Basement Tubs. Like many of you, I use big plastic tubs to organize our mementos and seasonal items. All of our tubs are labeled, but I've used different methods over the past twenty years. I would like to update them so they are all matching and pretty.
  4. Organize Garage. There is no organization. That needs to change by summer.
  5. Tours of Each room on the Blog. As we "finish" each room, I take photos. I have not shared them with you. Yet. 
  6. Updated House Tour on the Blog. Our house looks a lot different than it did when we first moved in
  7. 2012 Photo Book. Last year, I successful completed my Project 365, taking a photo for every day of the year. Currently, my photos reside in Facebook. This year, I will overcome my fear of creating photo books--they are so overwhelming to me--and git 'er done. 
  8. Travel Wall Gallery in the Guest Bath . Have a global perspective is an important value to our family. I like the idea of using the big blank wall in our guest room bath to highlight some of our favorite photos and mementos. 
  9. Organize Linen Closet. We didn't have a linen closet in our old house, so we put one in this house. We also put storage space in each of the bathrooms and laundry room, so our linen closet doesn't have a specific purpose. I'm still working on that. 
  10. Convert Spare Room to Craft Room. Sadly, our exchange student will return back to her parents this summer. (Boo!) I think I will use her room for my craft room. 
  11. Sew Something. I bought a cheap sewing machine last month. I really want to learn to sew. I will learn to sew this year.
  12. Use Cameo for Vinyl Project. I have wanted a Silhouette Cameo for a long time. Niels found one for me for a song on Black Friday. I'm overwhelmed, but now that we're back into our regular routine, I'm going to start figuring out how to use it. 
  13. Paint Front Door. Ever since we decided on a gray exterior for our house, I knew I wanted a purple door. It's taken a while to figure out the perfect purple. We'll have to wait til spring to paint now, but it will be the finishing touch on our new house.
I'm sure there will be other things, but for now, that should keep us busy. 

What projects are you planning for the new year?
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  1. I'm so jealous you got a Silhouette. It's on my birthday wishlist which is in February. Your home is beautiful and I can't wait for you to share all off your projects for you inside decor.

    I'm having a GOOGLE + Social hop. I'd love for you to hop on over, grab a button and link up your Google +. If you don't have Google + it's ok, come link up your blog or favorite post.

    I'm also looking for Pinterest Pinners to feature every week beginning in January. If you are on Pinterest and are interested in being featured come link up! Who knows you might meet some other great pinners and gain a few great ideas.

    1. It was on my wish list for a long time. Now I just need to figure out how to use it! I'm not on G+, but I joined the Pinterst link up. Thanks for the invite!

  2. Great idea to do a list for the year of your projects you want to complete. That will feel wonderful to check these off one by one!
    Morgan :)

    1. I made a follow up post with specific projects. So far, I'm right on schedule: two down, ten to go!


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