Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another day closer!

My descriptions have been a little shorter lately because I've been battling the flu. Fun times. We'll do room by room posts after we move in where we give more details about specific finishes and selections.

I know I've raved already about my backsplash, but I really, REALLY love it! Today, Tim put the grout on and I'm very pleased with the choice. It's just the right white. 

When we first started thinking of a backsplash, I fell in love with Ann Sacks Matchstick Mosaic on It took awhile to track it down, and at $65/square foot, I fell out of love. Even though I still think Ann Sacks' tiles are gorgeous, I'm so glad I went with the Solistone...and saved a ton of money!

Solistone Mardi Gras glass tile in Carrollton, with Snow White non-sanded grout.

Here's a close up of one of the tile remnants. The lines are on a grayish-green piece of paper attached to the back of the glass.

Moving on to another favorite selection: my pendant lights! We bought these ET2 Fizz pendants from Whitmer's Lighting. ET2 has really cool modern lights. Our vanity lights are from ET2, as well. So fun!

The lights were installed last week, but tonight they were finally turned on!

In addition to being mesmerizing to look at, they put out a good amount of light. Niels and I were saying that between the pendants, dining room light, command center lights and under cabinet lights, we probably didn't even need the cans above. But, I'm sure we'll be happy to have them as we age.

The pantry light is working now, too. There's a sensor on the door, so the light comes on when the door is opened. A nice energy saving feature. And convenient, too!

We also got to see the light in D's room for the first time.

And Jim Duffie, our electrician has been busy in the basement, too. Although we aren't finishing the basement yet, we are doing a few things to make it functional until we do.

Yesterday, we saw the water line in the house. And here's the front yard evidence:

But I like this evidence even better!

Along those lines, John, our plumber, was busy with fixtures. Here's the Moen Eva faucet installed in D's bathroom, without the base, which we think is a more modern look.

The Moen Eva shower fixtures were installed, too.

And our port-a-potty days are over! Here's one of our Toto Aquia II dual flush toilets. Toilet seats will be installed shortly.

The painters were back, too. They had a little tiny drywall patch to do in the in-law closet:

 The first floor laundry platform was painted white:

And the mantle was painted espresso. I think that was a really good choice. 

We weren't at the house very long last night because Tim, the tile installer, was there quite late sweeping up and getting the floor ready for the carpet crew to get started today! We're really grateful for his hard work. 
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