Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feet, Fans, Fixtures and Fixes

In addition to the kitchen countertops going in, there was a lot of other activity at the house over the last day and a half.

We learned another new term. Feet*. The little part of the baseboard that sticks out over hard flooring (tile, cork, etc.) is called the foot. I never realized that the baseboard was made of two separate pieces before. Carpeted floors only have the vertical piece because the carpet can get flush against the wall. The foot goes over hard flooring to cover up the jagged edges of flooring.

* Okay, I was wrong, but only a little... It's not feet. It's actually called 'shoes'. See how my brain (doesn't) work on a bad day? Close, but a little off. Story of my day.
In-law suite shoes.
Close up
Espresso shoes in the kitchen.
Espresso meets white in D's bathroom.
The last of the ceiling fans went up on the back porch. This is going to be so nice when D and the neighbor boys are playing in our backyard. The parents can sit in the covered, breezy shade. 

But first, we need to get a new fan because the light in one was broken. Back to Lowe's we go.

This lovely pile of boxes represents the latest delivery: toilets, sinks, faucets and bathroom fixtures. I cannot tell you how excited I will be once we finally have a working toilet in the house. Have I mentioned my newly-potty-trained toddler lately?

I did see that the wrong laundry sink arrived. Fortunately, that was fixed within a few hours.

Speaking of fixes, the drywall guys were busy in our bathroom. The vanity lights are now situated above the sink where they belong. The painters will be by shortly to repaint before the mirrors go up.

While it may seem there have been a lot of mistakes lately, really, other than the marble mishap, most of these things are pretty minor, easy to fix, and/or part of the process when you make selections on paper. We learned early on that Todd at Charis is easy to work with and quick to make things right, so most of the time, my heart rate doesn't go up too much when I see something amiss. Print this post

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