Friday, February 17, 2012

Busy, busy day: Packing and Inspections

Niels is off work until Tuesday or Wednesday for the big move. Thank God!

Today's agenda was to divide and conquer. Niels and D went down to the house to supervise

  • the delivery of the POD with most of our furniture. 
  • the plumbing inspection (we passed with flying colors and rave reviews)
  • the installation of our central vacuum, including the vacupan in the kitchen, which is a little suction compartment under the prep island.
  • the installation of the security system
  • the final inspection (we passed, of course!)
The floors were covered again, so Niels didn't get to take final finished pictures, but he did get pictures of the work today and will hopefully post pictures soon. Tomorrow is moving day--!!!---so I'll take pictures before our help arrives.

I spent the day packing and cleaning the apartment. You would have thought I would have started earlier, but by the time we put D down each night, I was pretty wiped from driving back and forth and keeping up with all the work on the house. 

Niels is now putting D down (or trying at least, he's having a hard time falling asleep now that his room is back to its original move in condition), and I am taking a much deserved break. I can't believe tomorrow night we will finally be sleeping in our new house!!
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