Sunday, June 5, 2011

Status Update - June 5, 2011

We are starting the week of June 6, 2011 and here is the current status of our dreamhouse:
- Awaiting final plans so we can file for the permits
- Still no buyer for our current house (link to our realtor's page)
- Finding ourselves in the new street almost every day...

Regardless, the plan is to start digging as soon as the permits are obtained so if we can get the plans this week, the first spade could be in the ground two weeks from now.

Daniel often asks to go see "the new house," and he loves to visit and play with our new neighbors. Well, actually, it's more likely that he loves all their fun toys. He very much wants a bike/trike/crazy coupe, but, with our driveway thisclose to a major road, it ain't happening. So, whenever we talk about the new house, Daniel reminds us that we've promised him a bike. He doesn't care about anything else in the new house. Just a bike.
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