Friday, September 6, 2013

Annual "Class of" Shirt

One of the reasons we chose to build on our particular street is that it is positively teeming with kids our son's age. We aren't able to give him a sibling, or even a dog due to his allergies, so we gave him the next best thing, a street full of adopted brothers and sisters. Our street is pretty amazing, actually, with parents and kids out nearly every night playing together and socializing. Two of the kids on the street started kindergarten this year and D and I had a lot of fun watching A and O board the bus on that first exciting morning. 

All our summer talk of our kids starting their school careers got me thinking about school traditions. When I first bought my Silhouette Cameo (<--Amazon affiliate link), I searched Pinterest for ideas. I feel in love with this "class of" annual shirt tradition. 
Put the child's graduation year on a large t-shirt. Take a picture each year with same shirt to watch the kid grow into the shirt.
The original source of this pin is an online message board that I can't view. 
Alas, I'm still having trouble getting the hang of my Silhouette, and since the school year was starting, I took an iron-on short cut.

Supplies needed:
  • a t-shirt in a size that your child may wear when he or she is a high school senior. Our son is very tall, so I bought an XL.
  • iron-on letters
  • iron and ironing board
  • cotton cloth. I used a fabric remnant, but a pillowcase would work as well.
I bought the shirt for $3.99 (before a coupon!) at Hobby Lobby. To give you an idea of how long I've been thinking of doing this, I bought this shirt in Florida when I first met Lauren from The Thinking Closet. 

Clearly, it needed a little ironing after all this time. I was excited to try out my new magnetic ironing mat (<--Amazon affiliate link). We have a cool ironing board drawer in our laundry room, but I wanted a large flat surface for ironing fabric for my quilts.

I bought my iron-ons from Walmart. I chose two styles from Next Style for the letters and numbers

First I cut out the letters I needed. I trimmed them pretty close to the edge and took care for the bottom to be straight so I could line them up well. 

I used my ruler to line up the letters and numbers.

I used a fabric scrap to protect the iron-ons. 

I ironed for about a minute before turning the shirt inside out and ironing again for another minute. 

After ironing the top side again, I slowly peeled the plastic away. 

I found that the flocked letters secured more easily than the vinyl numbers. I had to iron the latter for an extra minute or so. 

All ready for the first photo shoot!

So, I'm really happy with how it it turned out. With one exception. Here's a hint: When I was cutting out the numbers, I looked at the growing up gallery

Can you figure out my mistake?

The growing up gallery has fall photos in it. D will graduate in the spring. So, instead of 2026, I just have put 2027. So, it's a good thing I made this tutorial because it looks like I will be making another shirt!

I made a second shirt with the correct year. I bought another shirt at Hobby Lobby, this time I went with a size large. I also bought individual iron on letters and numbers for $.69 (small) and $.99 (large) each.

I'm thinking that on the back, I'll print his class picture onto fabric and iron it on. He'll end up of with his own mini-growing up gallery.

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  1. It turned out great! And just think how fast the second shirt will go now that you have your system down pat. (And I love the worn look of those numbers. Glad you finally are seeing this project dream to fruition!)

    By the way, your front doorway just looks so stunning...maybe because ours is so dirty! Ha ha. Better get on that.

    The Thinking Closet

  2. Wow! Really thinking ahead! Sometimes you get caught up in the moment or raising your children and they're in fifth grade and you're like "what happened to all of my plans!" (Luckily I found you when my son was two so I can still start some of these projects :)) Thanks a bunch!

    1. That's so true, isn't it! Thank God for Pinterest! I have boards for each month so at the end of the month (if I'm on the ball), or the beginning of the month (because I'm usually not) I can review the ideas I want to do for each month or holiday. I'm going to make a Back-to-School box that I can pull out each year with this shirt and his interview sheets. Hopefully I don't forget!

  3. Very neat idea! Wish I would have thought of that when my kids were little. I guess there is still time with my son though. I also really like your growing up wall. That is definitely on my future projects list. Thanks for sharing!


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