Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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It's the first day of school! Our little guy started pre-k today! It was a big move for him because he is going all day (six hours) three days a week instead of 2.5 hours a day two times a week. Plus, he started at a new school. Our son is still a napper, but since he is going the kindergarten class in the afternoon, his napping days are coming to an end (at least for half of the week). We were very relieved to hear a good report from his teachers when we picked him up.

Another change for D is that on school days, he will eat his lunch at school. He was very excited about packing his own lunch and insists that it will be one of his new responsibilities. (How much do I love this kid!)

I made the above printable to help him remember what he needs to pack. I'd say he did a pretty good job! (His grain was a granola bar tucked into his bag.)

And here's the obligatory proud mama first day of school photo. 
Thanks to Yellow Bliss Road for the adorable chalkboard printable
What do you do to encourage your kids to eat well at school?

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