Monday, June 10, 2013

First Silhouette Project! 3-2-1 Blast Off Shirt

Several weeks ago, I shared my Silhouette Cameo Confession: even though I finally bought the cutting machine last November, I had yet to make a single project with it. I was too intimidated. Since my brain injury, I learn best by doing, with someone showing me until I build my confidence. Fortunately, for me, my "Silhouette Someone" is Lauren from The Thinking Closet. We were recently in Orlando, I stalked her online  asked her to show me the ropes. So what was my first project? A space shuttle shirt for our space-obsessed four-year-old!

Lauren very graciously invited the entire de Jong family over for the day. Marissa entertained D and Niels spent his off-conference day working from Lauren's gorgeous backyard. 

Lauren and I had actually met up the day before to collect our supplies. 

After getting my Silhouette unpacked, Lauren gave me an overview of all the bells and whistles before we got started. (Lauren was working on these pretty jar labels). 

The first thing I had to do was find an image of a space shuttle. I didn't find exactly what I wanted on the Silhouette Online Store, but one of the reasons I chose the Silhouette over the also-popular Cricut was so that I could use online images. I found the winning image at (Thank you Google image search!). 

I measured the front of my son's t-shirt (which I bought at Hobby Lobby for super cheap!) to get an idea of the size I need my image to be. 

I knew that I would use "3-2-1 Blast Off!" as the text because our son says this all.the.time as he's busy playing with his space shuttle toys...or any toy, really. I chose Aharoni as the font. I reversed the text because it was an iron on. If I've followed directions correctly, you can download my Silhouette file here. (Please let me know if you can't download the file).

I forgot to take a photo, but I used Silhouette's yellow flocked heat transfer material. 

Lauren said, "If you buy nothing else from the Silhouette site, you should at least buy a weeding hook." A funny time for a tool used to dig out the material not needed, but after using it, I have to agree with the need for one! (I bought one that night and it was waiting for me when we arrived home from vacation). 

If I was a smarter girl, I would have selected an easier first design. I was very grateful that I was using Lauren's weeding hook.

Once the weeding was done, I was ready to iron!

I lined up the "two" of the text with the label on the shirt to center it on the tee-shirt.

The instructions didn't say to cover the iron-on, but we did, just to be on the safe side. 

It took a lot longer than I thought it would for the transfer to adhere. Every few minutes, I would carefully lift the backing to see if the image was holding to the shirt. After ten minutes, I was putting a little muscle in it! That seemed to do the trick!

And it's done!

My first of many Silhouette projects! 

The best part of this project--other than spending the day with my new blogging buddy--was D's reaction. He loved it!  

D has no interest in The Mouse, but he was super excited to visit his Disneyland, NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Guess what he wanted to wear?

My favorite picture of him in his blast off shirt is this one, where he is blasting off in the car while I was in JoAnn's.

A big thanks to Lauren for hosting this Silhouette newbie, and letting me take pictures and drool over my favorite of your projects.  
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  1. Wow! You got an at-home tutorial from Lauren!?!? Super awesome!

    Your shirt turned out great! I know a couple of little boys who would love that design!

    1. She was a very gracious host! Can you download the link to the file? I had a bit of information overload on our craft day, so hopefully I did it right!

  2. thats so cool that y'all collaborated together- the T turned out great too!

    1. It was so fun! I was telling my hubby that if I had unlimited time and money and a nanny, it would be fun to do a blog entirely dedicated to doing craft days with my favorite bloggers.

  3. Wow, Jen! You are so ambitious and how thrilling to read about your visit with Jen. I was the exact same with the Silhouette. I got it in December last year and have only just started to use it. Kudos to you on a brilliant first design!

    1. Thanks! It was such a fun day. I think everyone who buys a Silhouette should get a craft day with Lauren to get them started!

  4. Jen, it probably goes without saying, but I LOVED this post! It was so fun to read and recall the sweet memories of our day-of-crafting together. You really did wow me with how quickly you dove into creating with your Cameo...and for a first project, I think you really knocked it out of the park. (And clearly, D agrees. What a cutie! And so photogenic.) It was a joy to get to know your entire family that day...thank you for the gift of a yummy dinner, but mostly your sweet fellowship.

    Also, I'm extremely flattered by all of your kind words and the round-up of your favorite of my projects! I actually did write a post on the Exercise Challenge, but it's an oldie...from my first month of blogging! (Which means the photos aren't the best. Oh well!) Here's a link if you're curious:

    1. ha! I though you might like this one! It was SUCH a fun day. So, when are you coming to Ohio so we can do it again? :-)

      Thanks for the link about your exercise challenge! I added it to the post.

  5. How lucky you are to have Lauren help with your first project. I can't imagine her being anything but a sweetheart. Your project turned out great. I really need to get over my fears of off to order my favorite colors.

    1. I know, right? As awesome as she is online, she's even cooler in person!

      If I can figure out HTV, you can do it, too!

  6. Jen, you did a great job on the shirt for your son! I'm sure he loves it!

    1. Thanks! He sure does. I'm thinking I'm going to have to make another one in the next size to keep up with his space love.

  7. You and Lauren are definitely inspiring me with all of these shirt posts. This week, I'm definitely hopping on the shirt making bandwagon this week!

  8. It turned out great and your little guy obviously loves it!!

  9. Oh so much talent. I love the shirt idea. I would guess the little guy did to. For a first project, this is over the top.

    1. Thank you. It helped that Lauren was talking me through each step!!

  10. Cute project! How lovely to have been able to spend the day together working on it! ;-}


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