Tuesday, September 26, 2017

One Monthly Goal September 2017: Quilts for Harvey

Man, what a month September 2017 has been! Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have devastated so much of the Gulf Coast in the US and the Caribbean. Mexico's heart has been broken by the loss of life after three earthquakes. And the Western US is battling wildfires. And that's just on my side of the world. Personally, I have had a pretty rough month with my brain injury. My insurance changes a policy that resulted in my doctor canceling my much-needed medication for 9 weeks while they sorted things out. The past couple of weeks have been a painful reminder of why I need my medicine and I have spent the majority of the month dealing with an awful headache, blurry vision, vertigo, nausea, slurred speech, and aphasia. My tribe has really stepped up for me by helping with school pick up and playdates so I can sleep and avoid driving. And speaking of driving, one on my few good days, I was driving my new car to pick up my son from school. I got stuck to a standstill about a half mile from school when the road was closed to allow a wide load through. After being parked for more than five minutes, I used my handsfree phone to call the school to say I'd be late. As I was on the phone with the school secretary, the Mack truck in front of me backed into me in an attempt to turn around. Fortunately, I am okay. He was only going about 5 miles per hour so my airbag didn't deploy. This is very good news for someone with a brain injury. As it was I was pretty shaken up and have only driven once since. All that said, I'm ready to say "So long, September!"

So, how did I do for my September OMG goal of making quilts for Harvey? By God's grace, I not only made the three Texas Strong quilts I set out to make, but I was also able to finish a fourth quilt!!

I've already had many requests for the pattern, but unfortunately, I am not the designer. My inspiration came from this photo, posted by ItsaLindy on her inactive Etsy shop. I have tried contacting her by emailing her through the Etsy shop, but I don't think she checks it anymore. The shop opened in 2010, she had no sales, and this quilt was her only item. It's really unfortunate because I think she could have sold dozens of patterns based on the feedback I've received! 

I also looked online for other quilts with this pattern but came up empty. All that to say, while I was able to easily reverse-engineered the pattern, I don't think it's right to post directions here because someone, somewhere is the creator!

Source: itsalindy

When I posted my OMG last month, all I had done was pulled my fabric. 

Before I cut into my stash, I decided to start with my scraps. I didn't even make a dent!

I wrote more about the quilts, my connection to Houston, and shared more pictures on the full post, here.

The quilts were donated to Quilts of Compassion. Volunteers will be deploying in early November where they will personally deliver each quilt. If you are looking for a way to encourage folks in Texas, Quilts of Compassion is still collecting quilt. 

*** While the Gulf Coast and Caribbean is dealing with hurrican aftermath, our Western States are burning up. I have been looking for an organization working on quilts for fire victims as Gulf Coast and Caribbean hurricanes, but haven't heard of anything yet. If you know of something, please let me know in the comments!

Fingers crossed for a quiet October!

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