Thursday, July 3, 2014

June Projects

I'm going to try to do a monthly recap post. I've been having so much fun in my craft room (and out with my family), that I haven't been posting very much. So here's a sneak peek at what I've was up to last month.

I finally finished my brother and sister-in-love's...ahem...Christmas gift, a Viking-Packer quilt I call "Black and Blue" division.

Here's the label. You can also see the fun binding. It's actually from a Mardi Gras collection.

We celebrated the end of D's preschool career. He loves school.

We joined a CSA so I have been busy scouring Pinterest for new recipes. 

We had our first garage sale. 

I made Niels a money bag (apron).

I finished a quilt for a sweet girl my friend was fostering. 

With a coordinating pillowcase. 

And drawstring bag. 

I was published again, and very pleased to learn that my story is the very first one!

We watched a lot of World Cup soccer/voetbal. 

We gave up on the first lawn we put in two years ago. A freak windstorm swooped in and stole our seed so it was one big garden of weeds.

Less than twenty minutes after the new seed was sprayed, a freak flash flood hit. Sigh...

We are now on our third attempt at a backyard. 

We've done lots of science experiments

I made a baby quilt for friends in Wisconsin.

And attempted free motion quilting. 

I discovered how to make homemade Mama Chia

I designed a block for NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg's star block challenge.

I hit some early sales to get D's school uniforms ready.

And my second.

And my third and fourth.

I stumbled onto the BEST garage sale. A man was setting up a sale because his wife passed away (that part's not so great). She was an avid sewer and had totes and totes of fabric and notions. I got first nibs and came away with all this for $35!

Here's a better look at the stack of fabric. That bottom piece alone is five yards!

I made D some space-theme pajamas.

And then, because he asked nicely, I made him another pair.

And lastly, I supervised a lot of workbook time, aka "earn tech time."

Hopefully July will see a few more blog posts, but then, it is summer, so I wouldn't be too sure!

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