Sunday, August 3, 2014

July Projects

It's August already! How did that happen? Our little guy is starting kindergarten in a few weeks! How is that possible! Our month has been filled with visitors, me being sick (will that ever end?), and lots of projects. Let's take a look.

In honor of Canada day (and our Canadian friends and family), I made D a new flag shirt.

I finished all the blocks for a red/white/black block exchange. We have a staggered deadline but I figured it would be easier to do them all at once. 

I cut out blocks for my next charity quilt. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up this month so it can be given to a kindergartner next month.

When D's started wiggling his first loose tooth, I made him a tooth fairy pillow. 

We put it to use two days later!

I've started experimenting with a few little projects to give me the opportunity to practice free motion quilting. I liked this towel because I figured out how to put a magnet on it. Now it works perfectly for wiping out the washing machine.

D requested labels for his new PJs so he could tell front from back. I figured it would be a good place to note the size, as well.

We watched more World Cup soccer.

Our housekeeper loves the Swiffer. I loathe the idea of buying disposable cleaning pads, so we reached a compromise. I made several different kinds to test first. (The bar mops work the best).

I made a Dutch wreath out of fabric strips. I put it up in support of the World Cup team. I kept it up in remembrance of the victims of flight MH17.

D and I did lots of science experiments.

Our first international guests of the month came from Mexico and Italy. Two brave eleven-year-old boys spend six weeks in America. We hosted them for one weekend, giving their chaperones a break.

D cheers for Mexico (and Ro) in his new flag shirt.

Ever since Jacopo stayed with us, D has been practicing his Italian accent--and wearing his Italy shirt.

We originally thought one of our guests was from Germany, so I made a Germany shirt. We put it to good use during the World Cup final. Sigh...

I was heartbroken this month to learn that one of my friends--a very young, healthy, marathon runner--died unexpectedly. Curt leaves behind his wife of nearly twelve years and a little girl a few months older than D, who he was holding here.

I always loved back to school shopping when I was a kid. No surprise that I had fun shopping for D's supplies, although, I don't remember having to get so many supplies when I started school. 

I couldn't resist buying something for myself!

I whipped up some skeeter spray for summer evenings with the neighbors. It really works!

I made my first dill pickles.  

D finished his Summer Bridge workbook, so he started a Spanish workbook.

Our second international visitor was a soccer coach from the UK. Of course, I had to make another shirt. I learned that the UK flag is a lot more complex than I knew!

Jordan is welcome back any time. What a great kid.

I finally finished a quilt top! This is the first of three I'm making for a sibling set.

A quick project to help D learn to tie his shoes.

I made a quick drawstring bag for Jordan. I finally put it together in the right order so all the seams look finished.

D found a vintage Toss Across game at Goodwill. I whipped up these beanbags so we could play.

Sibling set quilt top number 2.

Parisian knick knack makes a good ring holder.

One of D's friends is turning six. I was so excited to find this kayak fabric for him.

Last two shirts of the month. These are going to a sibling set where the brother was born in Ethiopia.

We play Settlers of Catan almost every night as a family. Can you guess who has started to win?

My last project of the month was a really quick scrap project--popsicle holders for a couple of sisters who had their tonsils out on the same day.

No finished quilts this month, but two tops done, one cut out, and two more on their way. I think August is going to be a productive month!

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  1. Wow , what an amazing collection of fabulous shirts and quilts,
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